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HP Wolf Security for printers – Keep your business data safe

HP’s extensive portfolio of hardware-enforced and endpoint-enforced security services which form part of HP Wolf Security will keep your important business devices and data safe.

It is a new breed of security solutions that protects your HP devices from malicious parties and allow you valuable peace of mind.

In the printer space, this is particularly important as cybercriminals see your print infrastructure as a prime target.

HP’s Wolf Security suite combats attacks by implementing hardware-powered protection that runs automatically and from anywhere, which reduces your business’s dependency on good end-user behaviour.

For example: HP’s professional printers – such as the OfficeJet Pro and the LaserJet Pro ranges – offer the following built-in security features:

  • Secure Boot – This automatically validates your firmware as real HP code, and reboots to a secure recovery state if an anomaly is detected.
  • Write Protected Memory – This technology prevents attackers from implementing malicious code while the printer is running.
  • Unique Password – Printers come with a unique pre-set password to stop intruders from accessing printers with a default password.
  • Automatic Firmware Updates – By default, your printer will automatically update to the latest version of the printer firmware, protecting you against the latest threats.
  • Secure Cartridges – Security is built into every stage of the design process – including tamper-resistant chips, firmware, and packaging.

Enterprise printers

If you’re in the market for an enterprise-level printer, HP’s range has even more powerful security features through Wolf Security.

HP Connection Inspector is a prime example of this. It monitors your printer’s outbound data for the types of packets that hackers often use and if it determines there are suspicious data requests taking place, a self-healing reboot automatically triggers.

As an enterprise user, you can also use HP Security Manager – which is the company’s most comprehensive printing security management solution.

This software automates fleet-wide compliance processes in alignment with your security policy, which is particularly important for businesses with large numbers of devices that are difficult to manage manually.

Fleet-wide printer access is then secured through HP Advance. This implements user authentication protocols, secured mobile printing, and streamlined digital processes to make sure that only the right people are accessing the devices.

As all of these security solutions are integrated into the printers, it is easy to implement remote or hybrid working strategies, too – without needing constant physical support from your IT team.

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HP Wolf Security for printers – Keep your business data safe