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Unbeatable Black Friday specials on brand-new and second-hand goods at Cash Crusaders

Everyone is doing Black Friday, but nobody does it quite like Cash Crusaders, where you don’t only get unbeatable deals on top-quality brand-new goods, but also Black Friday discounts on a range of pre-loved items.

The promo starts on Friday, 26 November and ends on Sunday, 28 November. However, deals are limited, so we suggest you get to your local store first or click and collect your order online to secure your deal.

Keep an eye out for our Super Specials, like a 14.1-inch Windows 10 Notebook with Bluetooth, WiFi, 4 gigs of RAM and 64 gigs of ROM, an IPS Heigh-definition screen, an impressive 10 000 mAh long-lasting battery, plus a 2.5-inch bay for a SATA hard drive! All at the unbelievable price of only R3499-90!

Prepare for a very hot summer with a Dixon 400mm Mist Fan, with built-in humidifier, 3.2-litre water tank and 7.5-hour timer at the super special price of only R999-90!

You can also chill out and relax at home these holidays with a Dixon 61cm HD-ready DLED TV with HDMI Arc functionality at the mere price of only R1399-90!

Stay connected with a Dixon Onyx 4G Smartphone with 2 gigs of RAM and 32 gigs of ROM at the unreal price of only R1249-90! It has all the bells and whistles, without the exorbitant price tag.

Let’s not forget about party times that are just around the corner. Blast your favourite music with a streamlined Dixon Bluetooth All-in-one Speaker System with bass reflex and a USB slot, as well as an AUX slot, at the incredibly low price of only R549-90!

Black Friday secondhand specials are unique to each store, so be sure to visit your closest Cash Crusaders to check out the deals that you could bag! You never know what surprises may be waiting for you.

Not quite cash-ready for Black Friday? No problem. You can always sell the things you no longer need, to get the things you really want at the in-store Buyshop, online and even via WhatsApp.

Expect top prices for your quality pre-loved items. Happy shopping!

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Unbeatable Black Friday specials on brand-new and second-hand goods at Cash Crusaders