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Safe and simple ways to purchase cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency industry is booming across the world and thanks to OVEX, there are many opportunities for South Africans to make money through this modern investment option.

Many popular cryptocurrencies have risen drastically in the past year, which provides a great opportunity to grow your money.

Bitcoin recently reached a value of R1 million for the first time, while Solana has risen in value by over 7,000% since the beginning of the year.

Furthermore, a new stablecoin known as ZARP has recently been announced, which is a local coin that is tethered to the South African Rand and OVEX is currently the only centralised exchange to offer ZARP.

Many South Africans are flocking to these and other cryptocurrencies as alternatives to traditional investments, which are offering low returns and unpleasant complexity.

These South African investors are choosing platforms such as OVEX, which is a trusted cryptocurrency trading website that processes billions of rand worth of trades every month.

Safe and simple investment with OVEX

OVEX has established itself as a leading cryptocurrency trading platform in South Africa, and offers valuable services such as arbitrage, Request for Quote (RfQ), an OTC trading desk, and cryptocurrency interest accounts.

These OVEX services are both easy and safe to use for South Africans.

OVEX’s RfQ service automatically generates buy and sell order quotes for any cryptocurrency on OVEX, and its 0% trading fees make it ideal for quick, zero-fee purchases.

Its OTC trading desk offers unmatched execution and a settlement system that makes it a popular choice among South African institutions or individuals with a high net worth, while arbitrage is a buy and sell service that allows you to buy cryptocurrency at a low price on an overseas exchange and sell it on a local market at a higher price.

OVEX’s arbitrage service is ideal for guaranteed returns, as it offers no trading losses and only charges a 1% fixed spread. Additionally, it is easy to use thanks to OVEX’s straightforward online platform.

Many investors are earning over R200,000 per year using OVEX services, which makes it the obvious choice for your cryptocurrency journey and for South Africans who are wanting to diversify their assets.

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Safe and simple ways to purchase cryptocurrency