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Awesome features of the Synology DS920+ NAS

The Synology DS920+ is the ideal NAS for homes and small businesses as it offers fast, reliable storage and many powerful features.

These are our conclusions based on the review unit that we received from Synology.

The DS920+ supports up to four SATA HDDs and two M.2 NVME SSDs.

It also has two USB 3.0 ports and an eSATA port, while its two LAN ports support 1GbE.

The DS920+ is not just a hardware beast, though, as it is laden with many amazing software and application features.

DiskStation Manager 7.0

Synology recently launched its DiskStation Manager (DSM) 7.0 operating system and its new Storage Manager is one of the biggest improvements.

This new interface and storage structure is complemented by performance optimisations and safeguards against data degradation.

You also get access to Active Insight, a centralised monitoring dashboard that makes it easy to view your system health for all devices under your Synology account.

Its performance metrics are highly customisable and you will receive notifications when there are anomalies, alongside recommendations for how best to minimise any downtime.

Other notable improvements include improved user management and security features, superior file sharing and collaboration, and backup support.

Your own private cloud

The cloud has become a crucial part of any digital ecosystem, and many households and organisations are therefore subscribed to a public cloud service.

However, this usually comes at a monthly price.

Synology’s DS920+ solves this problem by letting you build your own private cloud through the Synology Drive feature.

The process is incredibly simple – just navigate to the Synology Drive Admin Console and then Team Folder, before enabling the folders you want to be indexed by Synology Drive.

You can then access your files through a browser-based web portal, a desktop app, a mobile app, a mapped network drive, and more.

QuickConnect is an additional awesome feature that improves your ability to connect your NAS to the Internet.

It does not require you to set up port forwarding rules and makes the whole process as simple as checking a box and specifying a new QuickConnect ID.

QuickConnect boasts advanced options, too, including the ability to enable or disable the feature for specific applications and services.

Synology Photos

Synology Photos is an all-in-one photo management solution that makes all your photos and videos easy to store, backup, and access – and is free to use with the DS920+.

Its intuitive interface includes everything you expect from a photo management solution, including a well-designed file explorer system, various views, and tabs for photos, albums, and sharing.

The Synology mobile app then makes it easy to upload photos and videos on the go, and you can create conditional albums that automatically include files based upon whether they comply with pre-determined criteria.

This makes the Synology DS920+ an ideal storage solution for homes and businesses.

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Awesome features of the Synology DS920+ NAS