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SA’s No.1 ISP just released Black Friday’s best internet deals

RSAWEB, South Africa’s no.1 ranked internet service provider (ISP), has just released by far the most competitive fibre deals from only R99.

This coupled with the ISP’s unparalleled customer service, having recently been rated South Africa’s No.1 ISP with an exceptional 4.7 out of 5-star Google review rating by 1,000’s of their customers, is sure to disrupt the Fibre market this Black Friday.

RSAWEB’s unmatched Black Friday deal – any Octotel Fibre package for just R99

RSAWEB is offering Octotel Fibre at an unprecedented R99 per month for three months – including the premium 1,000 Mbps package.

With zero setup or installation fees and a free-to-use router, this offer is truly unheard-of, giving RSAWEB customers unparalleled value in the Fibre market.

Included in the 200 Mbps and 1,000 Mbps packages is RSAWEB’s unique mini-UPS (uninterrupted power supply) device that keeps your internet-powered during load-shedding, valued at R1,800.

Have a look at the pricing table below to see all of RSAWEB’s R99 Octotel Fibre packages that you can order up until the 4th of December!

Package Black Friday Promo Monthly Discount Mini-UPS valued at R1,800 Setup, installation, router and more Total savings (up to 3 months)
35/25 Mbps  R99 85%  N/A Included  R10,000
50/50 Mbps  R99 85%  N/A Included  R11,000
100/100 Mbps  R99 90%  N/A Included  R12,000
200/200 Mbps  R99 90% Included Included  R13,000
1000/200 Mbps  R99 90% Included Included  R14,000

RSAWEB’s best-in-market Openserve deal – Fibre from R395

RSAWEB is offering the best priced Openserve Fibre package in South Africa, at only R395 on the 25/25 Mbps this Black Friday.

Customers will get the full benefit of this special until 1st March 2022.

RSAWEB is not only discounting the 25/25 Mbps package, but all other Openserve Fibre packages including the premium 500/250 Mbps package – giving all new customers incredible savings up until 1st April 2022.

This is a great promotion that rewards customers with more savings the sooner they order.

Have a look at the pricing table below to see all of RSAWEB’s Openserve Fibre specials that you can order until 4 December.

Package Black Friday Promo Monthly Saving Special price valid until Setup, installation, router and more Total savings (up to 3 months)
25/25 Mbps  R395 R200   28 February 2022 Included  R9,600
50/25 Mbps  R695 R80  31 March 2022 Included  R9,320
100/50 Mbps  R845 R70 31 March 2022 Included  R9,280
200/100 Mbps  R895 R200  31 March 2022 Included  R9,800
500/250 Mbps  R995 R240  31 March 2022 Included  R9,960

Fixed LTE from just R45 with All-Day Data to be used whenever you want

For customers looking for wireless home internet in areas where Fibre isn’t available, customers can get RSAWEB Fixed LTE All-Day Data packages from just R45 per month until the 31st of January.

What makes RSAWEB’s offering unique is not just price, but all their Fixed LTE bundles come standard with All Day Data that can be used whenever you please – morning or evening.

Their 10GB package for R45 is the perfect entry-level Fixed LTE package to fit any budget.

Customers looking for more data can go for the 80GB and 180GB packages from only R195 and R345 respectively – a great option for families looking for budget-friendly deals.

On top of this, RSAWEB is also offering R1,000 off their LTE routers for customers taking up their Black Friday SIM-only LTE packages, a discount of 70%.

“RSAWEB’s mission is to enrich our customers’ lives through technology, enabling all South Africans to have access to high-quality affordable internet, whilst always providing the best customer experience without compromise.’’ says Rudy van Staden, RSAWEB’s CEO.

To take advantage of one of RSAWEB’s unmatched Black Friday deals before they come to an end on the 4th of December, simply click here or head over to

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SA’s No.1 ISP just released Black Friday’s best internet deals