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The easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in South Africa

South African based cryptocurrency exchange OVEX has blasted the cryptocurrency doors wide open to every South African.

But the company’s true strength lies in its unique ability to cater to the everyday person getting started with their crypto journey and high- and ultra-high-net-worth individuals who wish to invest large sums into crypto, and who deserve the precision service that comes with it. OVEX is seeing a big rise in the number of investors using its services, which aligns with global trends.

It is evident that cryptocurrency is here to stay and this is causing thousands of South Africans to now begin their cryptocurrency investment journeys.

Tech-savvy consumers and companies are no longer the primary market, either – anyone can get involved in cryptocurrency if they find the right platform.

This is why the South African market prefers OVEX – which offers simple trading and a wide variety of investment opportunities.

OVEX Request for Quote

OVEX’s Request for Quote tool makes it easy for all traders to buy and sell over 40 cryptocurrencies at the best available rates and with 0% trading fees.

This is possible thanks to OVEX’s deep liquidity, which means it always has more than enough cryptocurrency to meet your trading needs.

The Request for Quote service asks you to choose the currency pair you wish to transact with and will automatically generate a buy and sell quote which you can choose to accept.

This makes the process seamless, and is why OVEX is the best place to begin trading cryptocurrency.

The request for Quote service also overs over cryptocurrencies to choose from!


High-volume clients can then leverage OVEX’s OTC (Over the Counter) desk to conduct larger cryptocurrency transactions.

This reduces the effect your trades have on market values, thereby reducing slippage, and also gives you access to a variety of extra features. This includes:

  • Unmatched execution and settlement services
  • 24/7 trading desk access
  • Full asset support

This makes OVEX OTC the preferred choice for South African organisations and high-net-worth individuals who want to trade in higher quantities.

Trade with OVEX

OVEX processes an average 30-day trading volume of over R4.5 billion on its OTC desk, which proves that South African investors trust it with their cryptocurrency trades.

Whether you’re a novice cryptocurrency trader or someone who wants to conduct large trades, OVEX is the ideal platform for your needs.

Click here to begin trading with OVEX.

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The easy way to buy and sell cryptocurrency in South Africa