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Protect your business against ransomware attacks with Micro Focus

The necessity of backups to ensure effective business continuity is well known.

It is continuously reaffirmed in the cybersecurity space where ransomware attacks are a rising concern for businesses.

This concern is driven by fresh attacks or data breaches being seen regularly in the news, which has led to many companies questioning how to stop these attacks – or at least how to minimise the damage they cause.

Fortunately, there are two main ways of protecting against these attacks: immutable backups and worm storage.

The rise of ransomware

Although security protocols and defences are essential for your organisation’s IT systems, it should be assumed that all barriers can be breached.

This is why backups are important when protecting your organisation against ransomware.

Backups are your first line of defence after a breach, and can provide you with a clean, uninfected version of your data following a security incident.

However, even backups can be infected if not handled correctly.

There are two ways to ensure your backup data is not compromised by a ransomware attack.

The first is by following the 3-2-1 rule, which ensures that a data backup is kept off-site in an air-gapped location.

This means it is completely untethered from the working system and cannot be remotely compromised.

The second way to protect against ransomware attacks is to deploy a good worm, which is a reliable form of data storage that has been around for many years.

Worm storage provides secure and clean versions of any data backup when combined with off-site, air-gapped storage.

It has been used for years in the finance, healthcare, and law enforcement sectors to meet compliance requirements.


While worm backups cannot be deleted, immutable backups have a data retention period that expires after a set amount of time – at which point the data can be deleted.

Immutable backups work by saving a data copy to an on-premises storage, a disk, or to the cloud in a read-only format that prevents it from being changed or erased for the defined retention period.

For critical data, immutability must be a key consideration for a backup strategy.

Micro Focus Data Protector

Micro Focus Data Protector works with all OEM storage arrays, and is proud to highlight its partnership with HPE Storage.

This collaboration allows it provide a comprehensive approach to secure data storage and help your business fend off ransomware attacks.

Data Protector is a backup and disaster recovery software for diverse, dynamic, and distributed enterprises and works closely with HPE Storage to ensure that your backups are protected.

This partnership allows Data Protector to benefit from HPE’s StoreOnce Catalyst data store, which has built-in immutability capabilities that hide your data from intruders while allowing Micro Focus Data Protector to securely interact with it.

Give data backup the attention it deserves to keep your business running smoothly – click here to learn more about Micro Focus Data Protector.

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Protect your business against ransomware attacks with Micro Focus