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Take the SlashData developer survey and win awesome prizes

The SlashData Developer Nation survey is now live, and you stand a chance to win great prizes if you complete it.

Prizes that are up for grabs include a Nintendo Switch, a portable monitor, $1,000 towards a desktop setup of your choice, a $695 discount towards a Blockchain Foundations course, and $500 towards your AWS certification exam.

You could also win a $50 or $100 gift card from Amazon, as well as a Gumroad ebook worth up to $30.

Additionally, everyone who completes the survey will receive a virtual goodie bag that is packed full of dev resources, data, and graphs.

About the survey

SlashData runs two surveys per year and its community comprises over 55,000 developers in 165 countries.

Through these surveys, the SlashData community allows you to share your views and shape the future of Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, DevOps, Industrial IoT and Consumer Electronics, AR, VR, Apps/Extensions for third-party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning and AI, and Data Science.

The SlashData Developer Nation Survey then investigates the most popular tools and platforms for developers and no-code software creators that involve these topics.

At the end of the survey, every developer will get a virtual goody bag with many surprises! It takes around 25 minutes to complete the survey and you also get a chance to participate in the weekly and the general prize draws!

All answers are anonymised and collated to provide a holistic view of the developer landscape, and the survey results are published on SlashData’s survey for free to everyone who takes part in the survey or joins the SlashData community.

Click here to take the SlashData Developer Nation survey.

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Take the SlashData developer survey and win awesome prizes