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RSAWEB – Summer Fibre Sale

Leading South African ISP RSAWEB is offering incredible deals on its Octotel, Openserve, and Metro Fibre packages as part of its Summer Fibre Sale.

You can get a 35/25Mbps Octotel package for just R385 per month, while its 100/100Mbps Octotel package costs just R695 per month.

You will also save R100 per month on RSAWEB’s Openserve 25/25Mbps – with this package now costing just R495 per month.

Octotel deals

With the rise in remote working for both students and employees, and the growing number of Wi-Fi-enabled devices, many homes require increased bandwidth at affordable rates.

RSAWEB knows this and is bringing its customers great value – including offering one of the best-priced 1Gbps Octotel Fibre package available in South Africa, according to research published by MyBroadband.

This price – R1,375 per month has been slashed during the RSAWEB Summer Fibre Sale, as RSAWEB is currently offering Octotel 1Gbps fibre for just R995 per month.

If you don’t require such amazingly high speeds, RSAWEB is also offering sensational deals on its other Octotel packages – including a 50/50Mbps package available for just R595 per month.

With these packages you can enjoy seamless communication, streaming, and gaming with a fast and reliable connection from the comfort of your home.

These awesome RSAWEB Octotel deals are available until 30 April 2022.

Octotel Package (download/upload) Old Price p/m New Price p/m
35/25Mbps R645 R385
50/50Mbps R755 R595
100/100Mbps R955 R695
200/200Mbps (with free mini-UPS) R1,125 R795
1,000/200Mbps (with free mini-UPS) R1,375 R995

These Octotel deals also come with additional value worth over R9,000, including:

  • Free installation
  • Free connection
  • Free Wi-Fi assessment
  • Free premium router
  • Free LTE SIM with 1GB of monthly data
  • R500 when you sign up before your area goes live
  • Up to R2,500 savings for referring friends to RSAWEB

RSAWEB is also offering up to R2,000 credit to customers who switch from their existing ISP to one of its Octotel offerings in selected areas.

Openserve deals

RSAWEB’s Openserve packages are also available at great discounts during the Summer Fibre Sale.

You can get a 100/50Mbps line for just R845 per month, while Openserve’s 500/250Mbps package has been slashed by R240 per month.

These amazing RSAWEB Openserve deals are available until 31 March 2022.

Openserve Package (download/upload) Old Price p/m New Price p/m
25/25Mbps R595 R495
50/25Mbps R775 R695
100/50Mbps R915 R845
200/100Mbps R1,095 R895
500/250Mbps R1,235 R995

Metro Fibre

RSAWEB is also offering sensational deals on Metro Fibre packages, including the popular 100/100Mbps package for just R895 per month.

These specials are available until 31 March 2022 and come with free setup, installation, and a router.

Openserve Package (download/upload) Old Price p/m New Price p/m
25/25Mbps R655 R495
50/50Mbps R845 R745
100/100Mbps R995 R895
200/200Mbps R1,255 R995
300/300Mbps R1,499 R1,145

Fixed LTE deals

Customers who are looking for wireless home Internet in areas where fibre isn’t available can opt for RSAWEB Fixed LTE All-Day Data packages from just R45 per month.

These deals are available until 31 January and are unique in that they come standard with All-Day Data that can be used whenever you please.

Packages begin at a 10GB data allocation for just R45 per month, and this is the perfect entry-level fixed LTE package for any budget.

If you need more data, you can opt for the 80GB and 180GB packages, which are priced at R195 and R345 respectively.

If you sign up to a SIM-only LTE package, you can add an LTE router for a once-off price of just R1,395 – a R105 saving.


Through offerings such as these, RSAWEB has built a reputation for its great deals and customer service.

This includes providing customers with a direct line to a personal account manager, ensuring no automated answers and no call queues.

It is this dedication that has positioned RSAWEB as the top-rated ISP in South Africa, according to MyBroadband’s ISP ratings.

Therefore, from its great value to its customer service, RSAWEB is the obvious choice for your home fibre connection.

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RSAWEB – Summer Fibre Sale