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Supercharge your business growth with cloud automation from Sage

Financial management solutions from Sage can supercharge your business growth by automating your accounting processes and reducing your costs.

This provides many benefits, including easy remote working, efficient financial management, reduced labour costs, better collaboration, and in-depth analysis thanks to data availability.

Benefits of cloud automation

The adoption of cloud accounting solutions like those from Sage has increased significantly in recent years, with businesses enjoying time saving and financial benefits as a result.

For example, Sage offers cloud-based accounting solutions that use automation for complex processes to reduce your project close times by almost 80%.

It does this by combining your financial data into a single platform that is easy to access and navigate.

This allows for effortless data analysis, speedy report generation, and accurate expense tracking.

With this information so readily available, employees can also make informed decisions, identify inefficiencies in their daily operations and find ways of reducing their expenses.

Additionally, this increased efficiency boosts employee morale by reducing manual tasks they need to complete, allowing them to focus on business-critical tasks and company growth.

Sage research shows that its accounting solutions increase your finance team’s productivity by over 40%, which is evidence of the incredible value its products provide.

How Sage and FNB customers benefit from direct integration

With things moving at the speed of light, it’s important that you can run your business with as little hassle as possible. But you also need security and efficiency.

Sage and First National Bank (FNB) customers can now transfer their bank accounts’ financial transaction history automatically and securely to their Sage accounting solutions via FNB Direct Bank Feeds.

This provides enhanced security and better functionality to small businesses compared to the current indirect bank feed option.

“The Sage platform provides FNB customers with a secure and efficient method of integrating their bank account transactions into their accounting software”, said SME Segment Head at FNB, Jesse Weinberg.

If you’d like to benefit from the impressive features provided by Sage accounting cloud solutions, click here to learn more.

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Supercharge your business growth with cloud automation from Sage