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Enhance business efficiency with Operations Bridge – SaaS

Micro Focus recently expanded the capabilities of Operations Bridge by making it a SaaS (software as a service) offering.

Operations Bridge – SaaS now provides users with a fast path to a Full-Stack AIOps platform and enables IT organisations to gain insight to problems, resolve issues faster, and drive efficiency through automation.

The benefits of Operations Bridge – SaaS

Micro Focus combined its well-established Full-Stack AIOps platform with the flexibility of SaaS to provide users with automated discovery, monitoring, and remediation for multi-cloud and on-premises applications.

Operations Bridge – SaaS employs machine learning to monitor your IT environment, consolidate data from existing tools, and automate manual tasks.

It does this by automatically identifying the root causes of issues as well as predicting future impacts, and employing remedial actions to data across traditional, private, public, multi-cloud, and container-based infrastructure.

Automating these processes allows you to cut costs by reducing ongoing maintenance and complex upgrades.

Other benefits of Operations Bridge – SaaS include:

  • Run operations with SaaS-based agility – respond to constant change with fast, flexible SaaS deployments
  • Gain full observability of your IT estate – automate discovery and monitoring both on-premises and in the cloud. Get dashboards and reports for every role from subject matter experts to non-IT executives
  • Reduce noise and isolate problems faster – transform data into accurate and actionable insights
  • Redirect resources to digital innovation – drive efficiency across IT operations with automation

This offering is now available to customers worldwide, and you can purchase it from the AWS marketplace, Micro Focus IT operations management partners, and directly from Micro Focus – with a migration path for existing Operations Bridge customers.

Click here to learn more about the Operations Bridge – SaaS offering from Micro Focus.

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Enhance business efficiency with Operations Bridge – SaaS