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Sponsored Articles on MyBroadband – Excellent exposure and ROI

Content marketing is the best way to reach ICT executives, professionals, and decision makers in South Africa.

This was a primary finding in the South African Tech Marketing Report, and is evidenced by the huge growth of ICT companies using sponsored articles in their marketing campaigns.

Sponsored articles are one of the most popular forms of content marketing, and help companies educate and inform their target market – while building trust.

This, in turn, results in companies receiving an excellent ROI for their advertising spend.

Massive growth

MyBroadband has seen a massive growth in the number of sponsored article campaigns being booked by ICT companies in the past 12 months.

This is thanks to the excellent results these campaigns produce for its clients.

MyBroadband takes care of everything a company needs to run a successful content marketing campaign, and its Sponsored Article packages consist of the following elements:

  • Sponsored Article published on MyBroadband
  • Article posted to MyBroadband’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
  • Targeted Social Media Boost
  • Article Writing (If Required)

In addition to this, MyBroadband offers several more advanced content marketing products to interested companies.

This includes email campaigns and online video interviews.

To find out more about how MyBroadband can help your company, visit MyBroadband Business.

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Sponsored Articles on MyBroadband – Excellent exposure and ROI