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Tangent Solutions partners with Netskope to provide simplified ‘all-in-one’ SASE security and privacy compliance for businesses

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE, pronounced ‘sassy’) is the modern business’s solution to cybersecurity as well as POPI and GDPR compliance in an increasingly digitised and decentralised business environment.

Tangent Solutions is a specialised end to end IT solutions partner for medium to enterprise organisations. As a solutions partner, Tangent is committed to enabling digitally agile businesses designed to operate in a digital economy.

Business ecosystems are continuously evolving. As a result, operating models need to adapt to advantageously support these changes while still balancing organisational efficiency, progress, and costs.

In recent years, some of the most drastic changes affecting businesses include the remote and hybrid work model alongside the introduction of global privacy compliance requirements, including POPI and GDPR. This is compounded by the increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks orchestrated across the globe.

Organisations navigating the complexities of increasingly digitised operations have shared concerns in relation to the changes mentioned.

How can the business protect its IP, confidential information, and data?

In parallel, how can the company know what data and information is on, as well as shared on every employee’s workstation?

Moreover, what business information do employees have access to, and how do businesses enforce privacy compliance no matter where an employee is in the world?

To answer these challenges, Tangent selected to partner with SASE provider, Netskope.

SASE streamlines and takes care of some of today’s digital landscape’s more pressing organisational requirements, including connectivity, network access, security, and privacy. In essence, SASE is an integral part of a digital organisation.

Netskope’s SASE offering provides enhanced network security functions (such as Secure Web Gateway [SWG], Cloud Access Security Brokers [CASB], Firewall-as-a-Service, and Zero Trust Network Access [ZTNA]) to support the dynamic, secure access needs of digital enterprises.

In its fullest form, this access secures the web, private and public applications as well as cloud services, in addition to enforcing privacy policy at workstation level while taking on the role of a business’s APN or VPN.

It is important to note that there are many aspects to an effectively established, agile and cost-efficient digital organisation.

Various technology and digital pillars are required to develop the business’s digital design strategy, and from initiation, security is a foundational operating consideration.

Moreover, to remain competitive and relevant alongside the progression of technology, the digital strategy becomes a dynamic plan underpinned by pragmatic implementation, effective integration, data analysis and iterative updates.

Business strategies differ; in addition, businesses across the globe have varied data models, IP and evolving data environments which are set to grow in complexity.

The benefit of Netskope’s SASE offering is that it can operate on any digital model when integrated correctly. In part, Tangent selected to collaborate with Netskope based on the SASE products’ ease of use and ability to integrate into any business model no matter where the business is in its digital journey.

“We believe that securing the business’s current environment is as important as strategically securing and planning for its future state.

We want to do this without slowing down the business. This requires a range of skills across various specialised areas within IT and demands the intentional implementation of security based on contextual knowledge of traditional and cloud environments.

Moreover, Netskope’s ability to integrate with a myriad of applications, in conjunction with Office 365 and Microsoft 365, one of the most popular business productivity tools across the globe, enables us to apply effective security and privacy controls for the business’s hybrid, on-premise and remote workforces,” says Diaan Kruger, Tangent Solutions, Tangent Connect Business Lead.

“The Microsoft suite has been built to meet the business’s current needs. Due to the flexibility of the M365 and O365 suites, an organisation can select a fit for purpose Microsoft licence and augment the selected licence with a host of technologies, including SASE solutions.

In order to benefit from greater value, decisions on licensing, implementation and technologies should be made strategically, based on where a business is in its digital journey.

A reactional one size fits all approach to digital strategy, licencing, technology, and implementation often leads to feature wastage, inefficient implementation, and escalating costs.

Another consideration to remember is that technology is changing rapidly, and often businesses may not be aware of alternative technologies and implementation strategies available,” notes Dave Nel, Founder & Managing Partner at Tangent Solutions, Tangent Microsoft Cloud, and Awarded Microsoft Regional Director.

In various strategic scenarios, selecting an O365 or M365 license between E1 and E3 and bolting on Netskope’s SASE offering serves the client based on the business’s level of maturity.

This approach ensures clients gain security and compliance within the Microsoft environment as well as a broad range of applications and IP, in conjunction with lower costs.

Users can work from anywhere, with immediate access to what they need, on any managed or unmanaged device.

In turn, the gateway offering ensures users gain unfretted, fast, secure and stable access to business data which is integral to business efficiency.

Netskope’s competitive pricing structures, alongside its simplified feature offering, easy to use UX design, and bolt-on activation, make its security and data accessibility product range a valuable solution for businesses.

Essentially, SASE is a strategic security product for organisations wanting to take advantage of the digital economy with the aim of remaining competitive and relevant.

Book a demo or POV to get a vulnerability & compliance assessment today and gain further insights into the business’s security and compliance real estate.

Already looking into SASE? Take the Netskope readiness assessment here, or speak to one of our experts and get in touch today.

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Tangent Solutions partners with Netskope to provide simplified ‘all-in-one’ SASE security and privacy compliance for businesses