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Creating classroom excellence with Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points

As the number of wireless devices per learner grows, demand for wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding.

Flexible learning, online testing and video collaboration with media-rich content require stable, reliable and affordable performance.

Better education starts with better wireless.

Whether accessing digital content, collaborating on a team project or taking online tests, sluggish connections are not acceptable—and Cambium Networks delivers gold-standard connectivity for teachers/lecturers, learners and IT staff.

“Every day, Cambium Networks connects millions of learners and teachers/lecturers around the world with unparalleled Wi-Fi and fixed wireless broadband solutions.

These purpose-built technologies uniquely address density and scale while delivering a best-in-class experience—ensuring that learning can proceed uninterrupted and remain affordable,” says Teresa Huysamen, Wireless Business Unit Executive at Duxbury Networking, local distributors of Cambium technology.

“Cambium technologies are designed to deliver high-bandwidth, stable internet at all times—even under heavy load.”

“Gigabit speeds power classroom learning, while reliable connectivity ensures the focus can be kept on learning—and not on IT infrastructure,” says Huysamen.

Huysamen says it is important that learners are confident in using technology as they often need to use multiple platforms.

So what sets Cambium apart in the classroom environment?

1. Simple to use:

  • Easily connect devices in a BYOD environment.
  • Centralised cloud management gives IT teams full control over an optimised network.
  • Free planning tools make it easy to design indoor/outdoor coverage.

2. Scalable:

  • Easily add capacity and coverage as demand grows – Solutions can cover one individual learning institution, or span region-wide to support thousands of learners.
  • High-capacity connectivity for venues of all sizes – Grow your network to provide voice, video and data connectivity for classrooms, auditoriums and outdoor facilities.

3. Efficient

  • Manage the entire network with a lean IT team.
  • Affordable, high-performance solutions deliver unmatched ROI.
  • Deploy connectivity at a fraction of the cost and time of trenching fibre.
  • Policy-based access features include Azure and Google Workspace integration.

“Wi-Fi 6 will allow learners to connect quicker than some of the older technology.”

“The big benefit is in being able to support a room full of learners who are simultaneously streaming videos.”

“In addition, this will allow that release when learners change to another classroom so it’s not bogging down the access points,” says Huysamen.

There is a strong relationship between instruction and infrastructure in the classroom.

While the teacher/lecturer is delivering the instruction, the technology is playing a highly important role in making it happen.

“When the technology is consistently performing invisibly to support learning, everyone wins. Two of the Cambium Wi-Fi 6 products we recommend for learning institutions are the XV2-2 and the XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 access point,” says Huysamen.

XV2-2 Wi-Fi 6 enterprise grade access point

The XV2-2 is a dual-radio Wi-Fi 6 2×2 access point (AP) designed to deliver future-proof performance and value for building next generation networks.

Wi-Fi 6 delivers faster and more efficient wireless network connections than previous generation Wi-Fi technologies.

XV3-8 Wi-Fi 6 enterprise grade software-defined access point

High-density architecture reduces the equipment required when delivering edge services with high capacity.

XV3-8 includes seamless roaming, fast roaming, automatic RF optimisation and interference avoidance to automatically optimise performance to specific local needs.

This software-defined 8×8 multi-radio AP is equipped with a dedicated scanning radio and BLE, WPA3 secure public access, Application Control and 802.3bz Ethernet optimised for high-density deployments.

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Creating classroom excellence with Cambium Wi-Fi 6 access points