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Lenovo expands its hybrid working portfolio in South Africa

Lenovo has announced several new products that support a superior hybrid working experience, and showcased these offerings at its recent Smart Collaboration event at the Hotel Sky in Sandton.

Lenovo partnered with Microsoft for the event to demonstrate how its new hardware works seamlessly with video conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams Rooms – and how it can improve the remote working and hybrid working systems of South African companies.

Innovation trends

Relationship Sales Lead for Lenovo Southern Africa Werner Schoeman said the pandemic has significantly accelerated the speed of digital transformation of its customers.

Schoeman said this transformation, and the mindset shift linked to it, is driving Lenovo to deliver smarter technology for all – including Smart IoT, Smart Infrastructure, and Smart Verticals.

Microsoft’s Director of Modern Workplace and Security, Colin Erasmus, echoes these sentiments, explaining how our new digital-first world can be accommodated through flexible solutions.

“People love the flexibility [of hybrid working], but also want to collaborate more,” he said.

Erasmus referred to this as the “hybrid paradox” and explained that while 73% of workers want flexible remote work options to stay, 67% also want more in-person work and collaboration post-pandemic.

He said that Microsoft is overcoming this by designing solutions that offer even more flexibility, which allow hybrid workers to be more engaged – wherever they are working from.

Smart Collaboration tools

To keep up with these trends and to offer the best solutions to its customers, Lenovo has developed several new integrated solutions for every collaboration space.

“The Lenovo Smart Collaboration ecosystem of solutions enables flexible working by providing the platform essentially to fully migrate to a hybrid work environment,” said Lenovo South Africa General Manager Thibault Dousson.

These tools range from smart cameras and soundbars to all-in-one conferencing tools. Importantly, all of these devices offer a user-friendly experience that supports Microsoft Windows 11 and Microsoft AutoPilot technology.

“Together, Lenovo and Microsoft can make working remotely an easier proposition for organisations across industry sectors,” said Erasmus.

The Lenovo Smart Collaboration tools launched include:

  • ThinkSmart View – 8-inch touchscreen device for managing video conferences.
  • ThinkSmart Cam – Enterprise-grade AI smart camera for video collaboration.
  • ThinkSmart Bar – Premium soundbar with beamforming microphones for meeting rooms.
  • ThinkSmart Manager – Cutting-edge software that manages your ThinkSmart solutions.
  • ThinkSmart Hub – All-in-one video conferencing room system configured to be used with Microsoft Teams and Zoom.
  • ThinkSmart Tiny – Poly conference room compute platform.
  • ThinkSmart Professional Services – Support for companies facilitating hybrid working.

“The Lenovo ThinkSmart product environment delivers intelligent solutions to meet the variety of conferencing needs,” concluded Dousson.

“The right technology provides not just productivity, but personal connections that are so important to collective well-being. Our goal is to continue to innovate to bring people together.”

Click here to learn more about Lenovo’s new Smart Collaboration tools.

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Lenovo expands its hybrid working portfolio in South Africa