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Reach 2.5 million tech enthusiasts in one place

MyBroadband is the largest IT publication and online tech community in South Africa, and is the only place where you can reach all of South Africa’s top IT executives and professionals.

The latest audited statistics show that MyBroadband attracted a readership of 2.5 million unique browsers in April 2022.

This audience is unique and incredibly attractive to advertisers because of its unrivalled quality.

Last month, MyBroadband was visited by:

  • 55,000 CEOs and directors
  • 296,000 registered business owners
  • 663,000 IT managers and decision-makers

Most of these readers live in Gauteng, Cape Town, and Durban and earn a very high household income.

MyBroadband makes it easy for your business to reach this audience through sponsored articles, display advertising, newsletters, social media campaigns, and videos.

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Reach 2.5 million tech enthusiasts in one place