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Introducing the World’s Best Gaming Processor by Intel, the 12th Gen Intel Core built for the next generation of gaming

The launch of 12th Gen Intel Core mobile processor is here; these H-series processors are transforming what’s possible for enthusiast gamers, creators, and multitaskers.

The 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors features a new performance hybrid architecture that matches the right core to the right workload, so background tasks won’t interrupt demanding gaming and creating workloads.

New performance hybrid architecture delivers leaps in multi-threaded performance, with up to 14 cores and clock speeds up to 5 GHz, our 12th Gen H-series delivers up to 40% higher performance than our prior generation.

Looking into the new architecture brings together two types of specialized cores on each processor: Performance-cores (P-cores) are optimized to handle single-threaded tasks, like gameplay.

Efficient-cores (E-cores) are optimized to efficiently handle multi-threaded workloads like less-intensive background tasks, so laptops can be more powerful while also providing long battery life.

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Let’s put it all into a few points to better elaborate how 12th Gen Intel Core powered Laptop could be the best laptop you can have right now:

1) The World’s Best Gaming Processor: Available with up to 16 cores and 24 threads, where you can play League of Legends while streaming and recording on OBS.

The streaming and recording workloads on OBS are handled by E-cores, leaving P-cores free to deliver amazing gameplay in the foreground.

Enhanced by Intel Killer Wi-Fi 6E for up to 75% less latency while gaming when multitasking, high-frequency P-cores paired with E-cores for offloading parallel tasks enable up to 84% more frames per second for simultaneous gaming, streaming, and recording.

2) A Leap in Content Creation Performance: Editing in Adobe After Effects while rendering a 3D design with Blender Rendering takes so much processor power that creators need to walk away from their PCs, for hours.

E-cores can render media files efficiently in the background while P-cores enable creators to work on demanding tasks like 3D designs in the foreground.

3) The Best Overclocking Experience: The new processors offer industry-leading overclocking tools for the ultimate performance customization, including the ability to overclock Efficient-cores and DDR5 memory.

For gamers, DDR5 means blazing-fast load times. For creators, it means they can transfer large media files in less time.

4) Thunderbolt 4 Ports: Enthusiast gamers, creators, and multitaskers typically need fast connections to multiple displays, external hard drives, GPUs, and more.

5) High-speed CPU PCIe 4.0 Lanes: Laptops with 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors come with integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, 12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors offer up to 16 CPU PCIe 4.0 lanes.

That means they will support today’s high-speed PCIe 4.0 GPUs and SSDs.

With this innovative performance hybrid architecture crafted carefully for you; Gamers can play like pros, creators can supercharge their creative process, and multitaskers can power their productivity all day long with laptops powered by these revolutionary processors!

12th Gen Intel Core H-series processors powered laptops can now be found here.

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Introducing the World’s Best Gaming Processor by Intel, the 12th Gen Intel Core built for the next generation of gaming