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No more long trips for Internet coverage – choose MorClick satellite packages for remote areas

Petrol and diesel prices in South Africa are already incredibly expensive, and analysts and economists believe that we are in for big price hikes in June.*

This has significant financial implications for South African individuals and businesses, and there is no sign of this trend slowing down.

High fuel prices are a particularly big concern for individuals and businesses who are located in rural areas as many of them must travel long distances just to get mobile Internet coverage.

The cost of these commutes is growing and they are therefore becoming increasingly unsustainable.

However, these users require an Internet connection – and are therefore turning to other solutions to their connectivity woes.

One great option available to these users is satellite Internet – and particularly, MorClick’s affordable packages.

Benefits of MorClick

MorClick offers an extensive range of stable satellite Internet packages that include unlimited data and high speeds.

Beginning at R599, MorClick has a range of well-priced products. The financial benefit of reliable broadband internet from as little as R599 per month, significantly outweighs the cost of travelling from remote areas to find a suitable terrestrial network.

MorClick’s high-speed satellite Internet connectivity is available across South Africa, and is particularly popular in areas that are not served by fibre or mobile internet.

The Internet provider also offers comprehensive local support should you ever have issues with your satellite setup.

This makes MorClick’s satellite Internet packages ideal for both home and business customers in rural areas.

Stay connected during load-shedding

Satellite Internet solutions like MorClick are also a great option for South Africans looking to stay connected during load-shedding. All you need is the recommended generator or solar power.

In comparison, mobile internet solutions can be affected by load-shedding issues – for example, if something goes wrong with the backup power at a base station.

This not only makes satellite Internet a reliable form of connectivity; it also makes it a great option as a backup connection.

Get started with MorClick

MorClick is the best option if you need an Internet connection in a remote location, to protect against load-shedding, or as a reliable backup solution.

Their packages offer great pricing, fast speeds, and a stable connection – so click here to get connected with MorClick.

* According to the Automobile Association (AA), as covered by BusinessTech: South Africans are in for a petrol price shock (9 May 2022)

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No more long trips for Internet coverage – choose MorClick satellite packages for remote areas