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Supersonic launches its 5G offering and expands with uncapped Fixed-LTE home solutions

Internet Service Provider, Supersonic has bolstered its fifth-generation (5G) offering and expanded its broadband portfolio with the introduction of Uncapped Fixed-LTE Home solutions.

The launch of the Uncapped Fixed-LTE (FLTE) & 5G builds on the launch of Supersonic’s AirFibre solution, introduced at the beginning of 2021, and makes further strides in helping reach the unconnected at affordable prices.

Supersonic has developed FLTE Home Uncapped plans and 5G network technology to provide unlimited data connectivity to customers’ homes across 125 locations, spanning all the country’s provinces.

Megan Nicholas, Supersonic Managing Director, stated that “Supersonic customers can now enjoy an increase in the number of devices that can be connected to a single access point without losing quality.”

“5G brings the cutting-edge benefits of greater speed and more stability while ensuring users access new opportunities.”

“Uncapped FLTE allows you to budget better and avoid mid-month top-ups  – whether working, learning, playing, or just staying in touch with family and friends”.

As part of the fleet (suite) of service offerings, Supersonic has built on its

Products and innovations to bring the cutting-edge benefits of 5G to all users.

“We aim to consistently provide additional affordable options for more people to access high-quality solutions with low latency and stable download speeds in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, East London, and several smaller towns, Nicholas said.

The newly launched month-to-month Uncapped Home FLTE plans, include a free-to-use router, with a Fair-Use Policy (FUP) which varies according to each package.

Supersonic Uncapped Home FLTE Lite plan with 400 GB FUP is priced from R499, with Uncapped FLTE Premium with 1 TB FUP and the Uncapped 5G Lite plan with 400 GB FUP is priced at R699.

Meanwhile, the highest tiered offering of Uncapped 5G Premium, with a 1 TB FUP, is in the vicinity of R999.

FLTE technology is steadily growing within the country, as it offers wireless broadband transfers data using wavelengths and analog infrastructure, which save costs and expand reach without compromising quality.

“It continues to grow substantially as a powerful solution for more people to access the world of connectivity,” Nicholas said.

She further noted that the Uncapped FLTE internet piggybacks on existing infrastructure offering affordable solutions to households that may never have been able to access the benefits of the modern, connected world.

Click here to find out more about Supersonic’s Uncapped 5G deals.

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Supersonic launches its 5G offering and expands with uncapped Fixed-LTE home solutions