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Elevate your company’s productivity with Intel’s 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processors

Intel’s 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processors offer flexibility, performance, and security across various types of workloads – from Cloud and networking to AI and IoT.

Xeon Scalable processors are optimised for any location, too, and are at home in a data centre or telecommunications core – right to the network edge.

The new Intel processors innovate across every major server resource – including compute, memory, and storage – and we unpack more about these powerful processors below.

Performance flexibility across workloads

Intel’s 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processors are designed to handle the most demanding workloads and services, from edge to cloud.

They have up to 40 cores, each of which provides outstanding performance for your cloud database, HPC, virtualisation, and AI workloads.

3rd-generation Xeon Scalable processors are also the only data centre processors with built-in AI acceleration, which provides up to 50% higher performance across 20 popular workloads when compared with competitors.

This includes:

  • Up to 25x better performance on Image Recognition.
  • Up to 12x better performance on Object Detection.
  • Up to 2x higher inference throughout Natural Language Processing.

This improved performance and flexibility across the board lets your enterprise operate a single high-performance platform across workloads to reduce the complexity, power requirements, and operating costs that come with data centre sprawl.

Security enhancements

Intel’s 3rd generation Xeon Scalable processors are equipped with several new and enhanced security features that offer superior protection of your data and business-critical operations.

These features include:

  • Intel Crypto Acceleration – Increased data encryption and decryption speeds.
  • Intel Software Guard Extensions – Secured and isolated enclaves for sensitive data.
  • Intel Total Memory Encryption – Physical memory encryption to enhance data protection.
  • Intel Platform Firmware Resilience – Firmware protection and data corruption detection.

Importantly, these advanced security features will protect your data without compromising performance or operation speed.

Hardware support

3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors support the best hardware and servers, which allows them to offer breakthrough storage and memory performance and capacity for your servers.

The latest Intel Optane Persistent Memory 200 series lets you significantly extend your system memory capacity per processor – enabling up to 6TB RAM per processor, or 12TB RAM on a two-socket server.

It also delivers 32% higher memory bandwidth compared to the previous generation so that you can maximise virtual machine and container consolidation.

Additionally, support for the new Intel Optane SSD P5800X ensures you get blazing fast storage performance through high-speed PCIe Generation 4 for heavy data workloads, while the ultra-dense Intel SSDD5-P5316 provides you with an incredible one petabyte of storage capacity per server.

For more information about Intel 3rd Gen Xeon Scalable processors contact Tarsus Distribution today.

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Elevate your company’s productivity with Intel’s 3rd-gen Xeon Scalable processors