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Micro Focus Data Protector – The best way to increase business continuity

Data is one of the most important assets a modern business has, and Micro Focus Data Protector ensures this data is defended against ransomware attacks and recovered if corrupted.

This powerful tool helps you maintain business continuity in both of these situations – saving you time and money.

We look at the key ways that Data Protector ensures your data is always accessible, below.

Complete versatility

Your business has various data and storage types that it uses to keep your important operations running.

While many data protection solutions are limited in the types of data and storage they can protect, Micro Focus Data Protector is suitable for all types of data and storage.

This includes the ability to recover data from disks, tapes, and the cloud – as well as the ability to protect both virtual and physical data.

Thanks to this comprehensive support, you will never have to worry about the solution being incompatible with new tools you implement that introduce new data or storage types.

Data Protector also supports data transition from your physical infrastructure to virtual or cloud systems with no backup disruption.

It is therefore the best solution for businesses which are serious about the digital transformation process.

Ease of use

While Data Protector provides comprehensive functionality, it is also very easy to use.

All of your scheduling and control takes place through a single management interface that facilitates clear status and compliance reporting.

Because it is simple to use, Data Protector reduces the number of resources you need to allocate to its operation and maintenance, and this reduces the amount of training your employees will need.

Additionally, you will have fewer data recovery costs thanks to the powerful automation capabilities of Data Protector. For example: it can automate your disaster recovery to and from physical and virtual systems at no extra cost.

Comprehensive security

Micro Focus understands that your backups must be secure at all times, and this is why Data Protector uses a built-in security model.

This comprises several methods of protecting your data, such as encrypting backups during storage and while they are being transferred.

Data Protector is also Common Criteria certified, proving it has been evaluated by an independent board to ensure complete security.

You can rest assured that your data is protected – and if you encounter a ransomware attack or a disaster, your backup can be instantly restored to ensure business continuity.

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Micro Focus Data Protector is the best option for enterprises that want comprehensive business continuity in the face of a growing ransomware threat.

Give your data backup the attention it deserves – click here to learn more about Micro Focus Data Protector.

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Micro Focus Data Protector – The best way to increase business continuity