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Why your fleet operation needs Tracker’s AI-based software for advanced fleet management

Tracker South Africa understands that when a business is about getting goods from A to B, time is critical.

This is why Tracker helps you deliver an efficient service to your clients, minimise the risks associated with doing this, and improve the effectiveness and productivity of your fleet.

Tracker has always embraced technology and designs its solutions to be more than just theft protection devices, so that no matter what your business’s needs are, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting there in a smarter, safer and more cost-effective way.

It has recently added Tracker Track and Dispatch IQ, Tracker AI Dashcam, and Dashboards and Analytics to its list of business solutions for those running a fleet.

These solutions allow Tracker to take information about how a vehicle is used and turn this data into services that help business owners get their fleets to where they need to go – smarter and more cost-effectively.

Importance of digital transformation

Recent events in South Africa have highlighted the need for businesses to take advantage of technological advancements and have electronic (and as far as possible, automated) systems in place to monitor daily processes and assets in the supply chain environment.

This is because while human intelligence and intuition can be beneficial, manual processes are tedious and prone to inefficiencies.

“With advanced planning, optimisation and execution management, businesses small and large can realise improved operating efficiencies and lower operating costs,” says Kobus Visagie, Executive: Business Solutions at Tracker South Africa.

“There has never been a better time to harness the intelligence from the information provided by vehicle telematics and related software and use it to place your business a cut above the rest.”

Benefits of AI

Fleet management prioritises keeping a fleet operation running efficiently and without any disturbances or glitches.

Therefore, having the option to use smart devices that utilise AI-based technology can offer a fleet owner seamless control of their business and ramp up their business’ performance.

Additionally, by supplying analytics and insights, Tracker is able to provide business owners full visibility on all aspects of their fleet management so that they are able to make decisions quickly and with confidence.

This includes using AI-based software to afford fleet owners an opportunity to optimise deliveries by knowing exactly where every driver is every minute of the day.

These fleet owners are also kept informed on which vehicles are going to need services and when, and can even monitor driver attentiveness using on-board AI Dashcams.

Visagie continues, “We have developed a dashboard that offers the true story.  Our fleet management services offer a holistic overview of the entire fleet process, factoring in everything from the traffic data to individual driver habits.”

Technology can also drive efficiencies through people by allowing resources, processes and vehicle monitoring to be managed and monitored centrally, providing full visibility regarding all aspects of the supply chain.

In this regard, a technology-enabled business can now establish “control tower” capability via a digital twin – a virtual simulation model of real-world supply chain activities.

This is used to analyse supply chain dynamics and to predict process success via real-time data of planned and released work and sales orders, deliveries, pickups, ePod’s and approvals.

Why choose Tracker

Aside from these efficiencies and their impact on your bottom line, the greatest benefit of updating your business with the likes of artificial intelligence-based software services such as Tracker’s is undoubtedly peace of mind.

“Business owners can sleep better at night knowing that their fleet, their drivers, and their business is taken care of, 24-7. Non-negotiable,” said Visagie.

The main benefits of implementing Tracker’s new AI-based services include:

  • Increased vehicle lifespan due to tracking factors such as mileage and braking habits.
  • Improved safety of both cargo/freight and the driver by monitoring travel through ‘safe’ and ‘no-go’ zones, alongside being able to monitor driver behaviour with AI Dashcam.
  • Financial insights and reduced costs through effective vehicle and space utilisation.
  • Optimised route mapping for more streamlined delivery schedules, timing, and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Real-time alerts and remote management, making proactive and informed decisions possible.

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Why your fleet operation needs Tracker’s AI-based software for advanced fleet management