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LG QNED 65-inch TV review – Spectacular images with vibrant colours

The LG QNED 806 is a fantastic TV – and one of only a few Mini-LED TVs on the South African market.

It offers everything from stunning image quality to smooth performance and is loaded with a wide variety of features and smart assistance capabilities.

LG provided us with its 65-inch 2022 QNED 806 TV for review, and we enjoyed the spectacular quality it provided. Here is our experience.

Easy setup

When you switch on the LG QNED 806 for the first time, it gives you the option of setting it up using your smartphone or the LG Magic Remote.

We decided to use the remote, as it can be used as a responsive pointer with an onscreen cursor with pinpoint accuracy.

Once our LG QNED 806 TV was set up, we were immediately impressed with the picture quality it offered.

This TV is equipped with QNED technology, which is a combination Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology that produces a stunning picture with rich and accurate colours.

Combine this with its Dimming Pro backlight, and you get superior localised dimming that results in incredible contrasts with deep blacks.

Dimming Pro uses deep-learning algorithms to create sharper, more natural images without any halo effects and we found that this offered extreme colour accuracy on the 4K panel.

It was then complemented by HDR10 Pro, showing off the tiniest details with impressive clarity.

The LG QNED 806 TV is also equipped with AI Picture Pro, which provides it with AI-powered 4K upscaling for your non-4K content, as well as AI Tone Mapping that ensures your upscaled content is highly detailed.

AI Picture Pro uses foreground and background effect enhancement for an incredible depth of field, too, and we found that this made the picture quality very lifelike.

The AI technology does not stop there, however, as this TV is equipped with AI Sound Pro – which in our experience drastically improved the sound quality.

Smart TV features and modes

The LG QNED 806 TV is equipped with ThinQ AI and webOS. These combine to provide you with a smart assistant and personalised recommendations, as well as support for the Apple ecosystem – including Apple AirPlay, Homekit, and more.

The TV comes with a wide variety of picture modes that cater to the content you are watching – Vivid, Standard, Eco, Cinema, Sports, Game, Filmmaker – and to your environment – Bright Room and Dark Room – to ensure your TV is bright enough in well-lit spaces and has just the right brightness in darker areas.

Overall, our experience with the 65-inch LG QNED 806 TV was fantastic, and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for a premium viewing experience.

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This review unit was provided by LG.

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LG QNED 65-inch TV review – Spectacular images with vibrant colours