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Why Link Africa fibre is the best choice for your business

Link Africa provides cost-effective and high-speed fibre infrastructure to a wide variety of South Africa’s telecommunications service providers.

We deliver services ranging from Dark Fibre leases to managed Layer 2 infrastructure.

We also terminate in South Africa’s most widely used – carrier neutral – data centres making network-to-network hand off’s simple and hassle free.

Building a core network? Link Africa can supply you with pre-deployed Data Centre to Data Centre dark fibre or managed links – extending to your office premises.

Link Africa has a strong fibre footprint across South Africa’s metropolitan areas.

We have invested heavily in growing our network and being more accessible to outer reaching areas.

More importantly, Link Africa is an open-access Fibre Network Operator, which means as an ISP you can buy fibre packages on our network to deliver lightning-fast speeds to your clients.

Fast Internet speeds

Link Africa currently delivers up to 10gbps speeds across its network and to the client’s premises.

We will soon be able to deliver up to 100gbps through a network upgrade, currently in planning.

MNO’s planning 5G deployments will not be disappointed, with the implementation of our high-speed network in major CBDs, we can enable the connections for backhaul traffic into your core – rapidly and cost-effectively.

Why choose Link Africa

Link Africa stands out as the FNO of choice for service providers who want fast and affordable connectivity for their client base or core network requirements.

Unlike other local FNOs, Link Africa uses patented FOCUS fibre optic cable technology to run its cables through existing underground municipal services like sewer and storm-water systems so that it can build its network in a non-disruptive and non-invasive way.

One of the major benefits of this technology is that your pavement won’t be dug up as much as with traditional fibre providers, and Link Africa combines the FOCUS technology with its own robotic drilling capabilities to reach areas other fibre networks cannot.

Another key benefit of FOCUS is that it has been found to provide consistently superior network availability when compared to traditional trenched fibre solutions.

The result is that you will suffer fewer outages on Link Africa than on other FNOs.

Link Africa is therefore the best option if you’re signing up for fibre in South Africa.

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Why Link Africa fibre is the best choice for your business