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StreamGroup powers its partners in South Africa through the long standing partnership with Liquid Cloud and cyber security

Connectivity lies at the heart of most modern businesses. Whether it takes the form of reliable, secure internet access, businesses joining together through partnerships aimed at a common goal, or a company acting as a conduit between service providers and their clients.

Bringing businesses and people together underpins everything that organisations do.

StreamGroup offers its partners a disruptive competitive advantage in empowering and directing a solution provider ecosystem comprising Connectivity, Telephony, Cloud and Managed Services. StreamGroup’s commitment has always been to provide the most reliable tailormade business solutions available in a market that initially was dominated by other parties.

Disruption and service quality are in StreamGroup’s DNA.

Over time through experience and success, StreamGroup has grown and attracted like-minded partners such as Liquid, a business of Cassava Technologies, Africa’s first integrated technology company of continental scale.

Powered by its Platinum Partnership with Liquid, StreamGroup believes it can achieve more for its partners and clients as its offerings are grounded in transparency, trust, and mutual respect.

In addition, StreamGroup’s business philosophy is aligned with Liquid’s in that both do not just sell products, they are solutions-based organisations that focus on resolving client business dilemmas using technologies which are secure, dependable, and scalable.

Today, StreamGroup is one of South Africa’s foremost technology solutions providers, and the Platinum Partner status grants the group access to a stalwart team at Liquid, starting with committed account personnel.

In addition, the teams work closely with their dedicated Solutions Architects to provide StreamGroup and its business partners with tailored solutions based on client specific requirements. This extends to the efficient team of Service Delivery Managers, whose assignment is to ensure that services are delivered correctly and in the shortest possible times.

And finally, they also have access to the Technical Support Desk, whose undertaking is to keep clients satisfied.

As Liquid’s Platinum Partner, the StreamGroup can provide support to several market segments. Having access to a Tier 1 technology service provider has empowered the StreamGroup over time to become an enabler for all service companies, big and small, giving the Group an edge in our product set.

StreamGroup offers a host of in-house services, ranging from robust SD-WAN solutions using multiple vendors to offer network redundancy, Traditional Liquid Coverage Ratio (LCR) solutions for remote locations, right through to Cloud-based solutions and everything in between. StreamGroup can service its partner network reaching from metropolitan to rural areas.

Beyond its growth in size, StreamGroup has championed small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and mid-market information technology companies.

Providing them revenue-generating opportunities through access to solution solving components and networks that may not always be possible for companies of a smaller size.

This is the intent of the forthcoming ‘partner days’, an opportunity for the StreamGroup to network with new potential partners to discuss their operations and customers’ requirements. StreamGroup is in a better position than ever to uplift other entities with a vast range of services through its partnership – its successes become collaborative successes and vice versa.

As more join the fold through either existing partners or new ones, all networks, services, and product offerings grow.

Through Liquid and Platinum Partners such as StreamGroup, connectivity, cloud computing, and world-class services become more widely available to businesses, empowering both economic and societal upliftment.

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StreamGroup powers its partners in South Africa through the long standing partnership with Liquid Cloud and cyber security