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South African research firm, Analytico, has opened its doors to help companies make accurate and informed decisions based on insights from real-world data.

Analytico provides market research, network intelligence, and marketing insights to South African IT and telecommunications companies.

Its research reports and insights portal use real-world tests, crowdsourced data, consumer surveys, and face-to-face interviews with executives.

As part of its offering, mobile operators, Internet service providers (ISPs), and fibre network operators (FNOs) get access to its “Broadband Insights Portal”.

The portal gives valuable insights about the South African Internet service provider and mobile broadband markets, including:

  • ISP Insights, with detailed information about South Africa’s top ISPs.
  • FNO Insights, with information about South Africa’s fibre network operators.
  • ISP network intelligence data for suburbs across South Africa.
  • Mobile network intelligence data for suburbs across South Africa.
  • ISP network performance insights.
  • Mobile data network performance insights.
  • ISP customer satisfaction insights.
  • Mobile data customer satisfaction insights.
  • Research reports about South Africa’s broadband, ISP, and fibre industries.

Analytico’s research reports are short, easy-to-consume documents that take only 15-minutes to read.

The research reports provide executives valuable insights without having to spend hours reading in-depth reports.

Analytico also offers custom research reports prepared for a specific company that are benchmarked against its competitors.

The custom reports show where a company performs well, where it can improve, highlights risks and opportunities, and provide suggestions for increasing its performance.

For more information, visit the Analytico website.

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Analytico is here