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Put your IT company on the front page

MyBroadband makes it easy for South African IT and telecommunications companies to get front-page exposure on the country’s largest tech publication.

With 3 million monthly readers, MyBroadband is South Africa’s largest and most influential IT publication.

MyBroadband’s rapidly growing audience includes 1.3 million IT executives and managers, 368,000 business owners, and 61,000 CEOs and company directors.

MyBroadband is the window into South Africa’s IT industry and is the first website many IT executives open each morning and the last one they close before going to bed.

MyBroadband’s front page – visited 1 million times each month – is, therefore, the most valued marketing real estate in South Africa’s IT industry.

It is the best place to showcase a company or promote its products. It guarantees unmatched exposure and exceptional brand awareness.

MyBroadband makes it easy for companies to get onto the front page with home page takeovers, display banners, and sponsored content.

For more information, visit MyBroadband’s advertising information page.

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Put your IT company on the front page