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How South Africa’s top mobile app development company tripled its business

Codehesion tripled its revenue in two years using a simple strategy – partner with MyBroadband to produce weekly content marketing and social media promotions.

Codehesion is South Africa’s premier mobile app development company which has built some of the country’s top Android and iOS apps.

The company now boasts many local and global firms as its clients, including Peermont, SFX, Midstream Estate, ISP Mind the Speed, and others.

When Codehesion CEO Hector Beyers founded the company six years ago, he partnered with MyBroadband to build brand awareness and sign up new clients.

MyBroadband’s marketing team helped Codehesion to launch highly effective content marketing campaigns.

These campaigns included three core components:

  1. Sponsored articles on MyBroadband and BusinessTech.
  2. Targeted social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.
  3. Newsletters targeting MyBroadband and BusinessTech readers.

The results were exceptional. Codehesion generated millions in business in the first two years, and the company quickly became known as the best mobile app development company in South Africa.

Over the last two years, Codehesion doubled down on this marketing strategy with equally impressive results.

Over the past year, 19,000 IT decision-makers visited Codehesion’s website to look at what the company offers.

These visitors translated into numerous high-value qualified leads, which Codehesion converted into millions in sales.

The image below provides an overview of the success of Codehesion’s content marketing strategy over the past year.

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How South Africa’s top mobile app development company tripled its business