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How China Telecom is connecting South Africa to the world

CTGNET is an undersea network that has independently been constructed by China Telecom Global to drive connectivity across the world by providing global internet services.

This network is particularly focused on connecting South Africa to the world, and this is why there are no less than 3 IP nodes that cover the country’s major centres – Cape Town, Durban, and Gauteng.

As a CTGNET customer, you get a powerful and reliable connection that offers T-level interconnected bandwidth between core POPs, as well as intercontinental bandwidth speeds that exceed 100Gbps.

This is supported by cutting-edge ONAP IT architecture, and because CTGNET has also joined MANRS (Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security), you can rest assured that all of its routing and autonomous systems are certified and secure.

All of these features combine to ensure that CTGNET offers fast, stable, and secure connectivity to South Africa’s major centres.

CTGNET supports a range of valuable China Telecom products, which we have detailed below.

Global Transit

One of the most popular products is CTGNET Global Transit, which gives customers access to safe and high-speed intercontinental transfer services between Africa, Europe, North America and Asia – with a 99.99% reliability index.

CTGNET Global Transit customers can get access to speed options that range from 100Mbps to 1000Mbps, and also get a vast range of additional benefits – which are detailed below.

China Telecom CTGNET Other Operator
Protection  Fully Protected Partially Protected
Diversity Using all cables: WACS/ACE/SEACOM/EASSY/SAFE/SACS Using two cables: WACS+SEACOM or EASSY
Upstream Peering with Multiple Tier 1 in Europe and Asia Reply on 1 or 2 upstream in Europe only
Route to Asia Direct route via SAFE to Asia, and China Content. Routing via Europe first

Therefore, if you require global transit services, CTGNET is your best option.

Global Internet Access

Another great option offered by China Telecom on CTGNET is GIA (Global Internet Access).

This product comprises a dedicated internet access service that lets businesses develop a digital footprint in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

This connects customers to the top Chinese Internet Information Centres and hundreds of millions of Chinese Internet subscribers.

Therefore, if you want access to the Chinese market, or just want to give your customers fast connectivity to Chinese resources, GIA is the best solution for you.


Customers who want to be protected against malicious parties can also sign up for China Telecom’s Anti-DDoS service on CTGNET.

This provides access to extensive bandwidth so that customers are protected against malicious denial of service attacks on their websites and systems.

China Telecom has an anti-DDoS platform in Johannesburg so that you have local access to unrivalled anti-DDoS services.

If you’d like to learn more about these and other services on CTGNET, click here to visit their LinkedIn page.

Click here to contact CTGNET and discover more of their products.

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How China Telecom is connecting South Africa to the world