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Protect your hybrid workforce with HP Wolf Security

Remote and hybrid working have introduced a big challenge to businesses – they must now protect important business data on employee devices when they are used outside of the office’s secure network.

Fortunately, HP’s business laptops – like its EliteBooks – solve this problem using HP Wolf Security.

HP Wolf Security is a complete hardware security and support solution built into HP laptops, and is designed to safeguard important business data – no matter where your employees are working from.

HP Wolf Security is hardware-based, meaning the advanced security tools it offers are integrated into each laptop, and you no longer need to rely on third-party monitoring and clean-up tools.

This ensures that HP business laptops provide superior protection against malicious intruders, making it much more difficult for hackers to access these devices.

HP Wolf Security

HP Wolf Security includes a large range of security features that combine to provide a complete protection suite.

These features are crucial because hackers see remote and hybrid employees as enticing targets. Home office networks generally don’t have the same security measures as single-location business networks with dedicated IT teams, for a start.

As a result, if your employees are using HP business laptops running HP Wolf Security, they will be protected against malicious parties.

HP Wolf Security features include:

  • HP Sure Click Enhanced — Isolates apps and files within micro VMs, then backs them up and produces HP intelligence reports so IT professionals can quickly respond to any threats.
  • HP Sure Start — A self-healing BIOS that provides firmware security and resiliency.
  • HP Sure Run – Application persistence ensures the continuity of important security processes.
  • HP Sure Sense — Uses artificial intelligence to combat malware and ransomware.
  • HP Sure View — A built-in privacy screen that protects confidential data.
  • HP Sure Recover – OS resiliency repairs your operating system automatically.
  • HP Sure Admin – Provides BIOS management over the network.
  • HP Endpoint Security Controller — Allows for quick attack recovery.

All of these security features run seamlessly on HP laptops running Windows 11 – ensuring that your business data remains secure when using Microsoft’s latest operating system.


Datacentrix is a leading South African hybrid IT solutions integrator and managed services provider that offers an extensive range of premium HP products to South African businesses.

“We provide technical expertise and complete security services and solutions to future-proof enterprises across Africa,” said Datacentrix.

“We have long-standing ties with some of the world’s most prestigious technology partners, who vouch for our deep technical experience and mature offering, such as HP.”

Datacentrix also offers a managed HP security service that takes stress away from your IT department.

If you’re interested in equipping your employees with HP laptops that support secure remote and hybrid working, contact Datacentrix today.

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Protect your hybrid workforce with HP Wolf Security