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The best place to work if you’re an experienced software developer

Codehesion is the leading development company in South Africa and the perfect place to work if you are a front-end, full-stack, or back-end software developer.

Codehesion has seen tremendous growth over the past year and is expanding its development team to meet increasing demand.

If you are an experienced developer, this is a great opportunity to join Codehesion’s Gauteng, Cape Town, or Durban offices.

If your job application is successful, you will be joining South Africa’s top developers as part of the Codehesion team.

Codehesion’s exciting projects

One of the biggest perks of working for Codehesion is that the business gives its developers the opportunity to work on a wide range of engaging projects.

This ensures that you are always experiencing new and exciting opportunities to test and refine your development skills.

Examples of the recent projects that Codehesion has worked on include:

  • A video platform backend and mobile app that helps people learn sign language.
  • A backend and mobile application for an animal rights organization in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • A well-known, international motor company.
  • An international ski-resort management application.
  • A loyalty program backend and mobile application for the entertainment industry.
  • An international stack-overflow-like application for the moulding industry.

These projects move you away from working primarily on legacy code or making small changes to existing, established systems.

Instead, you will be at the forefront of innovation as you work on new, cutting-edge projects that solve the specific needs of Codehesion’s clients.

Take your career to the next level – click here to apply to work at Codehesion.

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The best place to work if you’re an experienced software developer