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The ultimate two-part strategy to overcoming your accounting challenges

Businesses are constantly facing new challenges and must change rapidly to overcome these obstacles.

Two ways that businesses can do this are with innovative technologies and a young workforce.

These two focuses work well together because by implementing cutting-edge cloud accounting technologies, your tech-savvy young employees will be better equipped to take advantage of the efficient gains on offer.

Below, we unpack how you can combine a tech-savvy workforce with the latest technologies for major business benefits.

An equipped workforce

Research shows that millennials and Gen Zs are making up a larger part of the workplace, and many now hold senior decision-making roles.

This is largely because of the energy younger employees bring to businesses and the fact that they free up more experienced team members’ time who can then focus on key business development tasks.

Additionally, younger generations are more technologically competent and are therefore better equipped to help businesses accelerate their digital journeys and keep up with the rapid growth of the digital age.

This evolution helps businesses meet their customers’ constantly changing needs.

Cloud accounting

One area where this tech-centric movement is evident is in the use of cloud accounting solutions, which solve a number of challenges that modern businesses face – such as compliance, HR, and payroll – by using automation and AI technology.

For example, Sage’s Business Cloud Accounting solution leverages automation to reduce the time small businesses must spend on admin tasks by up to 80%.

This increases productivity and lets you focus on growing your business.

The solution also has an incredibly intuitive interface that makes it the ideal solution for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and growing businesses.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting is designed to be inherently secure, as the solution takes care of all backups and updates so that you always have the latest features and are compliant with all relevant legislation.

Additionally, the award-winning Sage support team is available online to help you with any questions you may have.

“I want to be able to track all my business dealings, like income and expenses, VAT calculations, and automated transactions,” said small business owner Brian Malatji.

“Sage lets me do that effortlessly.”

If you’re investing in a young, tech-savvy workforce – and you should be – then you must use cutting-edge technologies like Sage Business Cloud Accounting to unlock the full benefits of digital innovation.

Click here to learn more about Sage Business Cloud Accounting.

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The ultimate two-part strategy to overcoming your accounting challenges