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Telkom launches industry-changing mobile plans with unrivalled flexibility

The new Telkom mobile Post-paid plans offer flexibility and value. Telkom Infinite offers ongoing data availability  and Telkom FlexOn innovative data flexibility.

Both plans are available on month-to-month contracts for the SIM-only options, as well as on 24-month and 36-month deals with the latest smartphones.

Telkom Infinite

Telkom Infinite not only gives customers access to *unlimited data but also includes 6,000 Telkom minutes and at least 300 All-network minutes – starting at just R299 per month.

Customers get a predetermined amount of monthly premium data, once customers have depleted their premium data, they will be able to access standard definition data to surf the Internet, chat and watch content.

From just R299 per month, customers will never run out of data again.

Telkom Infinite comes in two options:

  • Infinite – 15GB all-network premium data, and *unlimited “SD data”, plus 6000 Telkom to Telkom minutes and 300 All- Network minutes, for R299 per month
  • Infinite Max – 30GB all-network premium data, and *unlimited “SD data”, plus 6000 Telkom to Telkom minutes and 500 All- Network minutes for R399 per month

These data packages have been specifically designed for smartphone use ensuring customers remain connected at all times.

Telkom FlexOn

Telkom FlexOn plans offer affordable flexibility for use on any platform of the customer’s choice, starting from R99 (SIM Only) offering customers 2GB of All-network Anytime data + 500 Telkom minutes + 75 All network minutes.  Also available is FlexOn 6 that offers 6GB data 1000 Telkom minutes + 150 All network minutes for R199 per month.

FlexOn data is all-network, anytime data, that carries over for two consecutive calendar months ensuring customers cancan still access their previous month’s unused data. Data transfers to Telkom numbers is also supported, letting customers share any excess data with friends and family.

Telkom FlexOn offers flexibility giving customers more control of their lives like never before.

Get these deals

Telkom’s Infinite and FlexOn plans are available to all new and current Telkom customers at Telkom stores, Telkom distributors, Telkom Call centre 10213, Telkom’s online channels, and other third-party channels.

These packages are subject to Ts and Cs and can be accessed across all Telkom channels.  For more information click on the links below;

Click here to learn more about the FlexOn plan and the Telkom Infinite plan

* Terms and Conditions apply

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Telkom launches industry-changing mobile plans with unrivalled flexibility