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United Business Solutions turns office automation industry green

Over the past 7 years United Business Solutions has revolutionised the Southern African Office Print Solutions market with their unique remanufactured office printer offering to managed print and scan end-users.

“The offering is actually fairly straightforward to explain”, says Ryan Lumley, Managing Director of United Business Solutions. “We carefully select from tens of thousands of demo model and low usage off-lease office copiers sourced in Europe and around the world.”

“Beforehand, we have pre-selected only the photocopier model ranges that are known for their reliability, robustness, and low monthly running costs. These devices are then fully remanufactured via a 72-point quality control process which is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified, from here they enter our supply chain for sale across Southern Africa.”

“These devices are totally remanufactured from top to bottom and then crated for ease of transport and safe delivery to our clients.”

“At the end of the day, we supply South African businesses with a world class, reliable product, at the fraction of the price of new. To ensure a consistent product, the whole process is quality controlled via global ISO certification standards.”

“For further peace of mind, every device is under a full swop out warranty when signed to a Service Level Agreement. Finally, the cherry on the top for buyers, is that these are effectively environmentally friendly managed print and scan systems, ensuring first the customer benefits and then the environment.”

By remanufacturing office photocopiers, United Business Solutions has been able to renew these devices for their next commercial cycle thereby removing the need to draw on additional materials including single use plastics, lead, various toxic chemicals, steel and microprocessors during the manufacture of a new device.

This effectively eliminates the carbon footprint of the device and greatly reduces global E-Waste.

In addition to this offering, United Business Solutions supplies environmentally friendly German manufactured remanufactured toners and imaging drums units to accompany all devices. These are also ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

By recycling perfectly conditioned toner cartridges, the company can fully renew the plastic cartridges and massively reduce the production and disposal of single use plastics. Remanufactured toners not only benefit the environment, but also pass significant savings onto clients with no compromise on print quality.

“First and foremost, customers want a highly reliable, cost-effective product, if you set out to build this product offering solely with the intention of telling people it is environmentally friendly, it would have failed.”

“Fortunately, we have been able to create an offering which solves our clients managed print and scan requirements comprehensively, and then a by-product of this, is the fact that we are assisting in reducing e-Waste while solving their budgetary and operational needs”, explains Candice Evans, Marketing Manager of United Business Solutions.

United Business Solutions’ remanufactured devices are available for rental or cash purchase and come with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement, ensuring that clients print, and copy environment runs seamlessly.

To date, thousands of South African businesses have found cost savings and improved running costs through their remanufactured office printer offering.

Remanufactured photocopiers are not the only revolution United Business Solutions has brought into the South African Managed Print Environment, our online purchasing website,  gives all South African businesses access to direct, transparent pricing on over 200 multifunction photocopiers, both new and remanufactured as well as their related consumables.

“The industry has a poor reputation for transparency, United Copiers allows us the opportunity to present to the customer a clear picture of what is available to their business, at a fair price” says Lumley.

The offering is not closed to other dealers wishing to get in on environmentally friendly – remanufactured print offerings. United’s distribution business, Copier Trader works with dealers across Africa in bringing this unique offering to the continent and in turn, their clients.

“Schools, corporates and small business owners are looking for value, it really is an across-the-board solution for all types of organisations looking for high-quality, low-cost business print and scan functionality” explains Lumley.

To find out more about our remanufactured offering call us on 086 001 8500 or visit

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United Business Solutions turns office automation industry green