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Micro Focus Operations Bridge named Leader in cloud observability

The GigaOm Radar has found that the Micro Focus Operations Bridge Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product is a Leader in cloud observability.

“The GigaOm Key Criteria report analyses the essential features of a technology category to help IT professionals understand how solutions may impact an enterprise and its IT organisation,” said GigaOm.

The leading players in the cloud observability industry are rated on various metrics to determine how they compare to each other.

The report rated Operations Bridge as exceptional (the top rating) in almost every key criterion – including Reporting and Dashboards, User Interaction Performance, Predictive Analysis, and Intelligent Data Push.

It was also found to be exceptional across important evaluation metrics such as Microservices Detection and Security.

The result is the Micro Focus Operations Bridge product was judged to be a Leader in the cloud observability industry, and Micro Focus was the only vendor to be considered an Outperformer – which means it is projected to improve its product more than any other competitor over the next 12-18 months.

“Overall, Micro Focus has enhanced its solution in almost every way,” said GigaOm.

“Through a number of acquisitions (HP Software and Vertica among them), Micro Focus is trying to expand quickly into the IT observability space.”

Download the full GigaOm Cloud Observability Radar.

Operations Bridge

Micro Focus Operations Bridge provides end-to-end monitoring and management of all your important resources – no matter if they are deployed across private cloud, public cloud, or on-premise infrastructures.

This gives you complete visibility of your hybrid IT environments and simplifies the process of investigating and solving issues, as well as predicting future problems before they become reality.

Operations Bridge offers an extensive range of technical features, including:

  • Automated discovery – Generates a complete, service-aware topology map of your hybrid environment.
  • Monitoring automation – Automates and simplifies monitoring deployment, reducing manual work.
  • Out-of-the-box cloud monitoring –Collects monitoring data from services on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.
  • Cloud optimizer – Supports event and performance monitoring while optimizing and sizing your environment.
  • Data type aggregation – Consolidates all data types from varying data sources into a single pane of glass.
  • Automated analytics and remediation – Collects data across domains and proactively applies machine learning to find anomalies and alert operators.
  • User experience monitoring – Business Process Monitor (BPM) tracks user traffic, allowing you to measure performance from the perspective of a user.
  • Virtualization of business value – Business Value Dashboards (BVD) let you build communication tools, show patterns in your data, and share it across your organization.

With this wide range of features, Micro Focus Operations Bridge is the best cloud observability solution for your business.

Download the full GigaOm Cloud Observability Radar.

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Micro Focus Operations Bridge named Leader in cloud observability