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Reyee: The latest networking equipment brand in South Africa

South Africa’s latest networking equipment brand, Reyee, was recently launched by Ruijie Networks. Established in 2000, the company up to this point predominantly focused on enterprise solutions.

Ruijie launched the Reyee brand to create a range of devices that focuses on solutions for small to medium homes and businesses. The exceptional difference about these products is that they take advantage of the advanced enterprise feature set from Ruijie.

This results in a range of products that not only offers competitive pricing to the SME market, but has management features that are unrivalled at this price point.

Reyee WiFi Routers and Mesh

Designed for home users, the ‘EW’ series offers both WiFi 5 and WiFi 6 solutions and can accommodate Fast Ethernet and Gigabit router requirements.

All devices are IPv6 compatible and can be configured in minutes. All wireless routers support push-button mesh technology, so users can easily cover dead spots by simply adding more Reyee routers while eliminating the need for more expensive dedicated mesh systems or more complicated repeater setups.

Reyee Wireless Access Points

The ‘RAP’ series features high-performance controller-based access points offering a competitive proposition in the market. The wireless line-up offers models from the latest WiFi generations and includes indoor and outdoor solutions.

All models support Power over Ethernet (PoE) to simplify the installation and feature attractive self-organising and roaming features. This range can either be managed via the cloud or hardware controller depending on the site requirements.

Reyee Switches

The ‘ES’ range of PoE switches provides peace of mind with smart management features such as:

  • Automatic Loop Prevention
  • Remote PoE Rebooting
  • IP Camera Detection

They are an ideal companion for Reyee’s RAP products or CCTV installers looking to have more control over their networks. Management features are accessed using Ruijie’s free cloud service.

Reyee Gateways

To complete the Reyee solution, the ‘EG’ series allows users to control everything under a single umbrella. Their gateway line-up features some truly important networking features such as:

  • WAN Redundancy
  • Traffic Prioritisation
  • VPN Services

In addition, these products can run as a wireless controller and support PoE which is great for smaller installations, as separate hardware is not required. Like the rest of the range, all gateways can be managed over the cloud.

Ruijie Free Cloud Service

One of the stand-out features of the Reyee brand is that they can be managed using their free-for-life cloud service. This service works for all managed Reyee products and is a huge advantage as it keeps management costs to a minimum while providing access to a powerful feature set.

This allows users to easily provision network devices to one or multiple sites while providing complete configuration control via the Ruijie Cloud App or via the web. There is a wide range of features over and above project device configuration, such as:

  • Batch Firmware Management
  • Network Reports
  • Roaming Test
  • Guest Portal

Users now have more insight into their networks without having to be on-site at zero cost. To use this service, users just need to register an account at Those not interested in the cloud can access the benefits of consolidated device management via hardware through any of the gateway products.

Where to find Reyee products

The Reyee range can be purchased online at for fast, efficient and safe ordering. You can also reach out to the Scoop Sales team at your closest branch or contact one of Scoop’s resellers.

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Reyee: The latest networking equipment brand in South Africa