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Incredible savings on beds from Dial-a-Bed

Dial-a-Bed, South Africa’s largest branded bedding retailer, is hosting its annual bed sale – with savings of up to 35% off.

This makes it easy for you to find the perfect bed that will give you a good night’s sleep and ensure you are well rested to face the day.

As part of the annual sale, Dial-a-Bed has shared why it is so important to buy a good bed and mattress, below.

The importance of a good mattress

A good night’s sleep is important as it promotes better well-being – and since everyone sleeps differently, it is crucial that you get the right mattress for your needs.

For example: people who sleep on their back will benefit from a plush mattress that offers better support.

Plush mattresses provide a great middle point between comfort and support, giving back-sleepers the spinal support they need in a comfortable way.

On the other hand, people who sleep on their stomachs need a firmer mattress to give them more spinal support for better posture.

A well-suited mattress is also essential for better quality sleep.

Bad quality sleep and sleep deprivation result in reduced mental sharpness, increased irritability, and mood swings throughout the day.

It is therefore essential to have the correct mattress – and Dial-a-Bed’s well-trained staff are always ready to assist you pick the best option for your needs.


Dial-a-Bed offers a range of premium mattress brands and stocks a large many different sizes – including Single, Three-quarter, Double, Queen, and King sizes, with extra-length versions of each available.

Its annual sale runs until 1 August, and you can visit one of its 67 stores nationwide or shop online 24/7.

Dial-a-Bed offers fast delivery on its best-selling beds and mattresses.

Click here to save up to 35% on top brand beds and mattresses from Dial-a-Bed.

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Incredible savings on beds from Dial-a-Bed