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In 2022 we have many problems, but connectivity needn’t be one of them

Over the past two years we have witnessed unprecedented levels of disruption to businesses across the country caused by various triggers, including the disruption caused by the Covid pandemic, as well as local factors such as loadshedding and flooding.

For most companies across the world, the biggest fear is not being able to maintain production or deliver services.

In South Africa specifically, businesses have had to find ways to keep operating, despite infrastructure problems and challenges. Loadshedding can wipe two to four hours off the working day, impacting profitability and productivity greatly.

During the flooding and several weeks after, countless businesses were left with no connectivity as 700 towers from the country’s biggest telecoms providers were damaged.

Thankfully, there is a simple solution; VSAT is communication technology that works via a two-way satellite ground station with a small dish antenna which transmits and receives data, voice and video signals.

It complements, rather than competes, with fibre and wireless options, playing  a vital role in Africa’s connectivity landscape, bridging the gaps left by other limited networks.

Conceivably labelled a grudge purchase, although critical to operating a business in Africa, VSAT provides reliable internet connection and ensures that businesses can continue to operate independently of network availability.

As the power utility implements load shedding in various stages, businesses can continue business as usual.

In an already battered economy, businesses cannot afford interrupted  internet connectivity or failure to make emergency calls.

SD-WAN makes it possible to determine how data traffic should be routed. In loadshedding episodes it is  possible to route all business-critical transactions through VSAT.

Email may not be as vital as the POS system in a business, for example, but  can continue to be delivered via fibre.

Paratus understands the opportunities and challenges that Africa can present businesses and individuals.

Paratus owns and manages an extensive network of leading-edge infrastructure that includes over 4 000 satellite connections, providing a satellite connectivity-focused service for Africa, by Africans – ensuring that businesses across the country are unlimited, always on, and always connected.

In 2022 we face many challenges, but connectivity needn’t  be one of them.

You can find out more about Paratus here.

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In 2022 we have many problems, but connectivity needn’t be one of them