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The easiest way to get Internet connectivity for your business or estate

If your business, estate, complex, or residential community is looking to install or upgrade its Internet infrastructure, then Wirelexx is the perfect partner to ensure you get the best connection.

Wirelexx is a connectivity provider that offers a variety of internet products, including fibre and wireless solutions.

We unpack these solutions below.

Fibre for estates and complexes

Whether your estate or complex needs new fibre infrastructure or an upgrade to its existing network, Wirelexx will install fibre throughout your community at no cost to the Homeowners Association (HOA).

Wirelexx will engage with your estate’s HOA to understand your requirements and provide your complex with high-quality fibre connectivity that is uncapped, unshaped, and symmetrical.

This lets residents subscribe to a fibre package from their preferred ISP and enjoy fast Internet speeds, while managed contention ratios ensure all residents get what they pay for.

Wirelexx can also connect offices within your estate to major data centres around the country, which is a major attraction for many businesses as it provides better speeds and latency.

It offers several other business-focused internet solutions, too, from dedicated business fibre to wireless business connectivity products.

Dedicated business fibre

Wirelexx’s dedicated business fibre offers fast, reliable, and scalable Internet connectivity that is affordable and backed by a service-level agreement (SLA).

These business solutions are uncontended, uncapped, and unshaped; have no soft cap or FUP (fair use policy); and leverage significant redundancy to ensure your organisation is connected at all times.

You can then complement your speedy business fibre line with Wirelexx’s enterprise-grade Wi-Fi 6 managed solution. Wi-Fi 6 is the latest in Wi-Fi technology and offers incredible speed, capacity, and scalability improvements over the previous generation.

Wirelexx can unlock the technology’s full benefits for your business by managing your business’s Wi-Fi network through its suite of integrated intelligence services, providing comprehensive marketing, analytics, billing, and reporting capabilities.

Wireless business solutions

If your business is not in an area connected to fibre, Wirelexx offers an Air Fibre service that delivers fibre-like internet performance.

This wireless connectivity solution is a popular backup option for many businesses that want to increase redundancy, and Wirelexx offers rapid deployment and installation – connecting your business within 5-7 days.

IP transit solutions

Wirelexx also provides carrier-grade connectivity for ISPs, with benefits including:

  • Ethernet services up to 10Gbps
  • Low latency and low packet loss
  • Direct routing to Africa and the World
  • Uncontended bandwidth
  • Comprehensive SLAs

Learn more about Wirelexx’s internet solutions.

Below is a table of Wirelexx’s business fibre prices and line speeds.

Wirelexx Business Fibre Packages
Line Speed Price
2Mbps/2Mbps R599
4Mbps/4Mbps R899
6Mbps/6Mbps R1,199
8Mbps/8Mbps R1,399
10Mbps/10Mbps R1,499
15Mbps/15Mbps R1,799
20Mbps/20Mbps R2,099
25Mbps/25Mbps R2,399
30Mbps/30Mbps R2,699
40Mbps/40Mbps R2,999
50Mbps/50Mbps  R3,499

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The easiest way to get Internet connectivity for your business or estate