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How MorClick satellite Internet saves you money

MorClick is a leading South African satellite Internet provider that is focused on saving you money through its great Internet packages.

It has brought satellite Internet to a price that compares favourably with other connectivity options – like fibre and mobile Internet – while offering coverage in areas they can’t reach.

We look at why MorClick satellite Internet is the most affordable connectivity option for anyone living or working in rural areas, below.

Great pricing

The days of satellite Internet being expensive are gone – and you’ve got MorClick to thank.

You can now get a stable and fast MorClick satellite Internet package from just R599 per month.

This compares favourably with all the other Internet options on the market, like fibre and cellular Internet – even though satellite Internet will keep you connected in areas where these connectivity options cannot.

This shows that MorClick offers unrivalled value for money.

Save money on fuel

Anyone who lives or works in a remote area knows that even the country’s largest cellular Internet networks struggle to provide coverage in these regions.

This forces users to travel to urban areas where coverage is sufficient for them to perform important online tasks.

These trips are expensive, particularly given the huge increases in fuel prices we are experiencing every month in South Africa.

MorClick removes the need for you to make these trips – saving you money on fuel.

Earn more money

Whether you are a business owner or work from home, satellite Internet gives you great opportunities to earn more money.

As a business owner, having access to satellite Internet in your rural office lets you equip your employees to perform all their tasks efficiently – making your business more profitable.

If you are an individual, having a satellite Internet connection allows you to work remotely from your home, which gives you more opportunities to find your dream job.

MorClick’s Internet solutions are particularly useful during load-shedding as you only need a small UPS to power your satellite Internet hardware.

This means that you can easily keep operations going during load-shedding – ensuring you do not lose business.

Free value

MorClick also offers free installation to customers who sign up for its unlimited packages. This is a great value-add that makes MorClick’s packages even cheaper than competing services.

Additionally, the satellite Internet provider has a “Free Zone” offering where all data used between midnight and 06:00 is completely free.

This feature is particularly valuable for subscribers on its capped data packages, as they can get even more value out of the service.

Sign up for MorClick Internet

If you’d like to save money by signing up for satellite Internet, MorClick is your best option.

The satellite Internet provider offers a range of packages so that you can choose the one that suits your needs and your budget.

Click here to sign up for MorClick satellite Internet.

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How MorClick satellite Internet saves you money