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New Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV – Now available in South Africa

Hisense has launched its newest QLED 4K TV – the E7H – which is equipped with the latest colour technologies and a 4K panel that provides you with outstanding visuals.

The new TVs are available locally in 50-inch and 55-inch models, and you can get them online exclusively from Hirsch’s or Takealot.

Get the Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV from Hirsch’s or Takealot now.

The E7H stands out for its fantastic colour quality, thanks to its Quantum Dot Colour and QLED colour enhancement technologies.

Quantum Dot Colour combines with the E7H’s wide colour gamut to generate over 1 billion colours – providing hyper-realistic colour accuracy – while QLED colour enhancement improves upon this by intelligently optimising the colours you see without causing oversaturation.

Pixel dimming then complements these technologies by providing extreme contrasts for dark and light elements. The result is enhanced picture quality.

The E7H is also equipped with Dolby Vision HDR. This enhances the TV’s colour accuracy, lighting, and contrast over and above the aforementioned features.

Light sensor

A common problem faced when setting up your new TV is deciding how to position it, particularly if it is placed in a well-lit or very dark room.

Hisense has employed Dolby Vision IQ in its E7H range to solve this challenge. The TV uses a built-in light sensor to detect the ambient room lighting and adjusting your TV’s brightness accordingly.

Whether you are watching movies in the dark or catching your favourite sports during the day – your E7H will use Dolby Vision IQ to adjust its picture to suit the environment.

Awesome design

Hisense has put an equal amount of thought into the E7H’s design as it did with its extensive features list.

The E7H uses a bezel-less frame to allow for immersive viewing, while the TV’s VIDAA operating system provides a range of useful settings.

This includes Hisense’s Game Mode Plus technology – which consists of VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) and ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) – and voice control functionality for an extensive range of popular apps.

All you have to do is hit the microphone button on the remote, and it will detect your voice to make your navigation experience much easier.

Alternatively, you can use the E7H’s well-designed remote to access your favourite shows and movies.

Get the Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV

From its excellent colour accuracy to its awesome features, the Hisense E7H is a must-have if you are buying a new TV.

It is available online from Hirsch’s and Takealot, and you can choose between 50-inch and the 55-inch models.

Get the Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV from Hirsch’s or Takealot now.

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New Hisense E7H QLED 4K TV – Now available in South Africa