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Jump on 2022 hyperconverged infrastructure trends

As the current economic climate and intense competition require leaders to remove inefficiencies and avoid downtime, IT is looking for easy-to-implement solutions that can deliver significant savings, quickly.

IT teams are turning to hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) to deliver scalability, increase security and accelerate IT ops to their environments.

451 Research’s analyst paper “Top Five Use Cases for HCI in 2022” details how HCI can optimize organizations’ efforts across five distinct use cases.

Hybrid and HCI: The way of the future

In each instance, HCI is the best IT transformation vehicle inside and outside the data center.

Cumbersome traditional infrastructure weighs companies down, allowing their competition with simpler, agile systems to innovate faster.

Additionally, complex ecosystems are expensive to maintain and require large, highly skilled IT teams to manage.

The current state of doing business leads to personnel silos, long waits and wasted resources.

Hybrid environments are the way of the future, thanks to their flexibility, and HCI allows businesses to transition seamlessly to simplify environments, optimize their workload experience and improve scalability.

For example, according to 451 Research’s findings, 45% of respondents who use HCI report that it eases resource scaling across their environments as circumstances and goals evolve.

Plus, an overwhelming 97% of HCI customers agree that HCI eases the hybrid IT deployment process*

Finally, the top use cases for HCI in 2022 take advantage of many of the core product innovations that have been delivered in the last two years.

Compute/storage disaggregation with HCI Mesh™, native file services and Kubernetes integration all broaden the use cases for which HCI is well suited.

In this paper, 451 Research shows how these key innovations can help HCI users support more workloads in more locations while achieving the performance, agility and cost savings needed in modern IT infrastructure.

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Jump on 2022 hyperconverged infrastructure trends