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Commvault – Your partner in intelligent data management

Commvault is committed to helping businesses do amazing things with their data.

This was the key takeaway from Commvault’s Connections Live event in Johannesburg, where experts showcased the full power of Commvault’s intelligent data management solutions.

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“Typically, South African organisations didn’t embrace the cloud as readily as other markets,” said Commvault Senior Director Kate Mollett.

“However, due to the effects of the pandemic, they are now realising that data is their most critical asset.”

Local businesses have therefore accelerated their digital transformation, but this has caused new challenges, including:

  • Data fragmentation and failure points.
  • Increasing surface for cyberattacks.
  • Regulation and privacy requirements.
  • Inability to scale and innovate with market demands.
  • Lack of automation or inability to process efficiently.

Industry experts at the event explained how Commvault’s intelligent data management solutions are designed to help businesses handle these challenges with ease.

They detailed the numerous intelligent data management services that Commvault provides through its flexible delivery model.

This includes:

  • Data protection
  • Data security
  • Data compliance and governance
  • Data transformation
  • Data insights

These services are available on the cloud and on-premises, and can be used for workloads such as SaaS, devices, databases, VMs, and containers.

This ensures Commvault clients are always running a cloud service that is secure, agile, and infinitely scalable.


Mollett highlighted Commvault’s Metallic SaaS product as a standout example of what it can offer companies.

“Metallic offers all of the Commvault features and functionality that we’ve had for 26 years in a SaaS consumption model,” she explained.

“The ability to consume on a subscription basis for your exact requirements, and as a service, has brought the Commvault platform to businesses of all sizes.”

Smaller businesses can pick elements of their business that they want to protect in the cloud and then grow their use of the service as necessary.

Another major benefit of Metallic is that it helps businesses of all sizes to implement proactive cyber protection – and Mollett used ThreatWise was a great example of this.

ThreatWise is a Metallic product that mimics your data assets to lure attackers into a trap.

These attackers think they have access to your business systems, but are instead isolated in a fake replica.

This protects businesses from attacks that would otherwise be extremely costly.

Choose Commvault

The event made it clear that Commvault’s solutions are suitable for any type of business and all of its workloads.

“If you are looking for a solution that can protect all the complexities of your ecosystem and can leverage your data in meaningful ways, then Commvault is your solution,” said Mollett.

“We leave no workload behind. If it is important to you, it is important to us.”

Click here to learn more about Commvault’s data management solutions.

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Commvault – Your partner in intelligent data management