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VSSL A.3X audio streaming amplifier – The best way to play music throughout your home

The VSSL A.3X audio streaming amplifier makes it quick and easy to play your favourite music throughout your home.

It connects to speakers placed in different areas of your home – either wirelessly or through wired connections – and serves as a centralized platform that you can use to control what each of these speakers is playing.

The VSSL A.3x supports up to three zones and six channels, offering an output power of 50 watts per channel. This is more than enough to ensure each zone provides a great listening experience.

Technology-driven excellence

One of the headline features of the VSSL A.3x is that it can be controlled seamlessly through voice commands.

It supports a variety of the world’s most popular voice assistants – including Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri.

Through these voice assistants you can instruct your VSSL A.3x to play and pause songs, skip past songs that you don’t want to listen to, and adjust the volume – all without pressing a single button.

This functionality is enabled by its built-in support for applications like Airplay2, Spotify Connect, Chromecast, and Alexa Cast.

When paired with the Native Streaming feature of the A.3x, you can control specific zones and volume levels through your preferred music app.

For example: you can play a specific playlist in your bedroom at a low volume while relaxing and at the same time your children can listen to their favourite tracks in the lounge – all without leaving your music app of choice.

The A.3x also supports 7-band adjustable EQ and gives you the ability to use your own EQ presets in each zone.

You can therefore take full control over customising the listening experience in each of these zones –cranking up the bass when listening to the latest hip-hop songs, or dialing it down when listening to classics from the 70s.

Get the VSSL A.3x

The VSSL A.3x lets you take full control of the way you play music in your home.

It allows you to cover multiple zones, supports voice commands, and will ensure all of your songs play clearly through your home’s speakers.

The VSSL A.3x is available from MiRO – a leading South African ICT distributor with a proven track record of providing the best products and solutions.

You can get the VSSL A.3x from Miro at an affordable price – Click here to get your VSSL A.3x.

Also available is the A1x single zone, two channel, and the A6x six zone, twelve channel.

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VSSL A.3X audio streaming amplifier – The best way to play music throughout your home