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VALR launches VALR Pay Crypto

South Africans can pay or get paid in crypto now – and it’s quick, safe, and easy.

Thanks to VALR Pay’s new crypto option, users can send cryptocurrency to any mobile number, email address or VALR Pay ID, completely free of charge.

VALR Pay Crypto is an exciting addition to VALR Pay, which made it possible for users to send rands instantly at no charge when it launched in June 2021.

With this latest update,  the service includes payments in any of the cryptocurrencies listed on

“Crypto offers an opportunity for payments to move at close to zero cost and with settlement that happens in seconds.”

“This to say nothing for having greater freedom to agree on what currency the sender and receiver would like to transact with,” says Gianluca Sacco, COO of VALR, the biggest crypto exchange headquartered in South Africa.

VALR Pay has been designed to be easy and intuitive.

To send cash or crypto, users navigate to “Pay” on their app or “VALR Pay” on the website.

Once they’ve followed the steps, they can send the payment to any cellphone number, email address, or by scanning another customer’s VALR Pay ID. (A VALR Pay ID is a unique QR code that can be scanned to receive payment from a VALR account.)

Users can add a message for the recipient, a note for themselves, or choose whether to send the payment anonymously.

To receive cash or crypto, users simply share their phone number, email address, or VALR Pay ID with an existing VALR customer.

If the person you want to pay is not on VALR, they will receive an email or SMS notifying them of the payment and inviting them to sign up for a VALR account.

Recipients need to get fully verified within 72 hours to claim the payment, or the transaction will be reversed.

VALR Pay is designed to make it as easy as possible to make or receive payments, while protecting users and complying with local and international regulations.

Around the world, payments have lagged behind other industries when it comes to making services accessible and affordable.

As Sacco points out, “When you think about being able to transfer value to someone else, you’d imagine that it’s something of a basic human right.”

“Yet making payments is often restrictive; it’s expensive and slow for many people.”

With this latest innovation, VALR, the biggest crypto exchange headquartered in South Africa, continues to build on its mission to make the world’s financial system fairer and more accessible to everyone.

Imagine the cumulative positive impact of thousands of small businesses, merchants, NGOs, employers, families, friends and community members able to make or receive near-instant payments at no cost.

“VALR Pay is hoping to be at the forefront of helping everyday people use the value that they hold in their VALR wallet to make payment with confidence, whatever that transaction might look like,” says Sacco.

Click here to find out more about VALR Pay.

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VALR launches VALR Pay Crypto