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How to get a new iPhone every year with iStore’s trade-in and trade-up programme

It’s been a quarter of a century since mobile technology came to South Africa, in the same year as the internet. That’s more than a dozen two-year upgrade cycles.

A good time, then, to change the business model and bring greater flexibility and convenience into the market, says iStore, the largest Apple Premium Reseller in Southern Africa.

Ever since the arrival of mobile technology on our shores, the standard industry model has been the two-year upgrade cycle: a subsidised handset from a network service provider, with the option to get a new device when the two-year contract is up.

But at iStore, the wheel now turns on a revolution of a different kind. It’s the trade-in and trade-up cycle. This allows you to trade in a wide selection of Apple products as well Android mobiles. You can trade in up to five (5) devices towards the upgrade of a new iPhone, helping you get even more back when you upgrade.

You will receive the trade-in value upfront to use instantly towards the upgrade of your new iPhone, as an iStore gift card to use at a later date, or you can use your trade-in value to decrease the cost of an iPhone contract.

iStore customers pay less monthly for their cellular contract when trading in and upgrading to a new iPhone. This means that you have the option to trade in your current iPhone, select your Vodacom, MTN or Telkom iPhone contract and then enjoy reduced monthly payments per month.

Trade in broadens your options and puts you in charge of your budget. It also gives you even more incentive to take great care of your iPhone, so you can trade-in and trade-up to the latest model the next year.

To make trading in your old iPhone even easier and more convenient, iStore now offers an iPhone Trade In Kit. You will get everything you need to do an iPhone trade in from the comfort of your own home or office.

The Kit consists of an instruction guide, box, foam sleeve, box seals – everything you’ll need to package & book a trade in from wherever you are.

You need to first get your estimated iPhone trade in value online and complete the trade in application. Then get your iPhone ready by backing up your data, turning off ‘Find my’ and restore your iPhone to factory settings.

When this is complete, follow the instruction guide provided to start packaging your iPhone for collection. iStore will credit the card you use during checkout with the final trade-in value within 10 days of receiving your old iPhone. If you choose not to go ahead with the trade in, iStore will send your iPhone back to you.

iStore gives you the best trade-in values for your iPhone, even compared to global markets, making your upgrade to a new iPhone at iStore more affordable than ever. iPhone equals iStore. Why go anywhere else?

For more information on iStore’s trade-in and trade-up programme, please visit

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How to get a new iPhone every year with iStore’s trade-in and trade-up programme