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You don’t have to be good at finding customers – because we are

Is the cost of getting new customers too high? Do you want to dedicate more time to actual work and less to chasing clients? Or maybe you just need to quickly bridge some gaps in your schedule?

Procompare is a lead generation platform for tradesmen and companies such as architects, builders, painters, electricians, carport and fence installers, accounting firms, security companies, web development agencies and many other businesses.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new business needing clients, an established operation that wants to expand, or a large company that needs to cut its advertising costs and increase profit.

Procompare will help you get as many customers as you want at a reasonable price, streamline your marketing process and cut your advertising costs.

Grow your business fast

When people need something done, they post their job on the website.

An alarm clock with the words Start Now written beside it.

More than 10.000 new projects are available to Pros every month, so once you’ve signed up, Procompare makes sure new requests for your services are incoming constantly.

Signing up is incredibly simple:

  1. Select what kind of leads you want to receive based on your services and area
  2. Choose the package with the number of leads that meets your needs
  3. Pay with a debit or credit card and start receiving new projects directly in your inbox

Every customer is verified in advance and asked about the specifics of the job so that you only receive serious and complete requests.

“With the number of new startups coming into the industry, it is difficult to find good quality leads from small to medium businesses that are serious but also still in the market,” says Bradley Bedser, owner of Johannesburg web design and digital marketing company The Digital Difference.

Most leads cost between R40 to R150, and you will only ever compete with a maximum of 5 other Pros, so it is easy to find work and make a turnover quickly.

Simplify the process of getting customers

“I was extremely happy and surprised with the leads I received from Procompare which generated business right away,” Bedser points out.

Satisfied tradesman in a working suit sitting on the floor with a computer in his lap.

It was easy for Bedser to get these leads because Procompare does all the work for you:

  • advertise your service,
  • verify the requests,
  • filter it according to your service and region,
  • announce you to the customer,
  • and send you their contacts via Whatsapp or email.

Click here to start getting customer contacts directly on your phone.

You can just sit back and relax while Procompare does all of these things – but as soon as you get that notification, everything is in your hands.

What is Bedser’s secret for success on Procompare?

“I responded quickly to each lead and because of my previous quality services and reasonable pricing I managed to secure the business,” he said.

Procompare rewards proactive customers like Bedser because you work out all the details with the customer, who will pay you directly if they accept your quote.

Bridge the gaps and seasonal shifts

You can benefit from Procompare’s service even if you just need a quick influx of new projects.

Brad Bedser is the owner of a digital agency called The Digital Difference. He started the company in 2014. has been the most effective advertising channels for him.
“If the lead isn’t up to standard Procompare even refunds you which is one of the many aspects I find brilliant.” Bradley Bedser, The Digital Difference

You can subscribe, get hired, and then pause or cancel your subscription anytime – no obligations.

You are always in control of your workload and spending by adjusting the budget.

Outsource your marketing and cut your costs

Advertising your business online takes a certain kind of knowledge, as well as lots of time and money – but you will save on all of this by joining Procompare’s community of companies and Pros.

This is because Team Procompare is well versed in finding prospects on Google, Facebook and other digital channels.

Think of Procompare as your marketing team. A young woman sitting behind a computer in a stylish office. A man is standing besides her, both are smiling.

Since you’ll only pay for verified leads, instead of clicks and visitors, your company will reduce man-hours and cut its advertising bill.

“As a digital industry professional, I use various digital advertising methods to generate leads. Procompare has been one of the most effective ones,” said Bedser.

“Procompare is the only platform I am advertising on at the moment.”

What are some other perks you get by joining Procompare?

  • A personal account manager, dedicated to your success.
  • User profile, where you can control and adjust your spend.
  • Public presentation page with ratings and reviews of your clients.
  • A chance to participate in the yearly Customers’ Choice and Top Pros awards.
  • Tips for successfully growing your business.

About Procompare

Procompare is a digital platform, connecting clients with the best local Pros in South Africa.

For nearly ten years, Procompare has been providing businesses in several countries worldwide with high-quality leads, helping them grow and prosper.

Today, we forward over 300,000 leads per year in more than 150 service categories for home and business – from architects, plumbers, and building specialists to web designers, accountants, and cleaning services.

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You don’t have to be good at finding customers – because we are