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Fixed wireless is the real alternative to fibre and mobile internet

A study by Statista estimates that less than 10% of people in South Africa have fixed uncapped Internet while over 90% only have access to mobile Internet.

Fix uncapped internet can cost as little as R2.00 per/Gig depending on usage vs up to R50.00 per/Gig on mobile considering top-up pricing.

This means rich areas with fixed uncapped internet are paying less per Gig than areas with only access to mobile Internet.

Fixed wireless is now bringing uncapped internet to rural areas too.

Jenny Internet’s vision is to have an Uncapped Internet Connection in every building in Africa.

Fibre companies are helping Jenny Internet achieve this goal but where they fall short, Jenny Internet can now also provide speeds of up to 100Mbps with quicker turnaround times.

New innovation in Fixed Wireless equipment over the last two years has enabled Jenny Internet to deliver the speeds that the market demands.

More than half of Jenny Internet’s network in South Africa is capable of delivering speeds of up to 100Mbps.

A real-world example of a 17Km Jenny Internet customer’s link to one of our high-sites.

Fixed wireless is now a real option in urban areas too:

Are you frustrated waiting for your fibre line to be installed?

At Jenny Internet, we are committed to getting you installed within 2 days.

If you need on-site support, can your fibre company assist you quickly?

Jenny has local support teams in your area for same-day to next-day support.

Is your municipality digging up your road and leaving you offline?

In the case of a fibre break, repairs are time-consuming and the downtime can often exceed a 24-hour window.

Because of this fact, fixed wireless networks can deliver a higher uptime simply because outages can be repaired within hours.

Does load-shedding affect your service provider’s ability to deliver a high quality service, does your connection drop after extended periods of load-shedding?

You can expect to stay online with Jenny Internet’s Fixed Wireless.

Our equipment uses less power than mobile networks and it’s easier for us to keep our high-sites running during extended periods of load-shedding.

Does your fibre provider blame your connectivity problems on the fibre network owner?

Jenny Internet has one point of contact and we take full responsibility for any problem on your Internet connection.

Businesses value uptime and quick support more than speed.

We have seen an increase in businesses moving to Fixed Wireless.

Fixed Wireless implemented correctly meets business uptime requirements.

Contact Jenny Internet today to find out if you have coverage at your work and home.

PS: Next time you are having a braai or a beer with friends and someone complains about their fibre connection being down, download our lead logger app and earn R300 if your friend signs up with us.

By Rolf Stucky – Marketing Director at Jenny Internet

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Fixed wireless is the real alternative to fibre and mobile internet