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Optimise your business processes with Value Stream Management from Micro Focus

Value Stream Management solutions provide a holistic view of how much each of your organisation’s processes is costing your business, and how much you are benefiting from them.

This allows you to develop a better understanding of your business operations – where you can optimise your spending or improve the value you get from these processes.

To help businesses better understand the benefits of Value Stream Management, leading enterprise software provider Micro Focus has compiled a white paper titled “Finding the Business Value Points for Controlled IT Delivery”.

The white paper will help you better understand when and how to apply Value Stream Management practices effectively.

Finding business value points

Micro Focus has found that your business’s value points are key to improving profits and management.

However, digital transformation – along with all its benefits – has introduced challenges such as technological complexity.

As a result, many organisations are beginning to look deeper into their software development and delivery processes to optimise their points of value.

Micro Focus’s white paper unpacks how this works, including:

  • What Value Stream Management is and how it can be applied.
  • What tools are involved.
  • What companies have gained and learnt from its application.

The white paper also explains the characteristics of and working practices for successful and measurable outcomes in ValueEdge – Micro Focus’s Value Stream Management platform.

This will help your organisation to improve its IT delivery processes to extract maximum value from your investments.

The report concludes with a profile of the Micro Focus ValueEdge platform, explaining the benefits it provides to businesses, such as defining objectives and key results.

Click here to request a copy of the Micro Focus white paper now.

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Optimise your business processes with Value Stream Management from Micro Focus