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Turn your hobby into a profitable business with JG Electronics

Many South Africans have hobbies that they want to convert into profitable small businesses.

Craft-based hobbies are among the most popular to convert into a small business, and JG Electronics provides a wide range of products and equipment to help you start your small business journey from under R10,000.

JG Electronics has been in business for nearly 32 years and boasts branches across South Africa in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, and Johannesburg.

Here are some of its products that you can buy to begin your small printing business.


The Silhouette Cameo 4 is a 4th-generation vinyl cutting machine and is among the most popular and versatile electronic cutting machines sold at JG Electronics to the professional and semi professional business market.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a laser engraved effect on wood but don’t have a laser engraver a vinyl cutter with our etching vinyl, a standard heat gun and our wood burning pastes will do the job.

You can also cut stencils to etch names onto glasses and glass products, giving you a lovely frosted look using etching cream.

No matter the stencil job you have, JG Electronics has the consumables for your needs, and the Silhouette Cameo 4 will cut out your designs accurately and quickly.

Personalised T-shirts are always a hit, and JG Electronics offers over 90 videoflex heat transfer vinyl colours, patterns and textures like pearl, brushed, reflective, neon, flock, and foam – the list is endless.

Many hobbyists already have fun making personalised T-shirts for bridal showers, sports events, corporate branding and much more.

The Craft Express heat press can help turn your craft hobby into a profitable business at a price that won’t break the bank.

This amazing craft press is ideal for both the craft and low-volume business market and it is excellent for pressing heat transfer vinyl, metal, hardboard, and so much more.

JG Electronics also sells a cap and mug element that can be attached to the Craft Express Press so you can expand your T-shirt business into new areas.

Sub craft transfer paper

JG Electronics loves to inspire its customers to be creative within sublimation transfer printing.

This is why it is so excited about the innovative new technology that comprises its sub craft transfer paper sheets.

These are sheets with preprinted sublimation designs and textures that you cut with the vinyl cutter and then transfer onto specially coated substrates and polyester fabrics.

A great advantage of these unique craft papers is that you can try sublimation immediately without the expense of a sublimation printer.

Impressive services and training

Alongside its large product range, JG Electronics offers impressive services that will make your printing experience first-class.

One of these services is its FREE (for JG customers) one-on-one training, which will help you learn new printing techniques. This training is available for both beginners and those who have experience with printing products.

Additionally, you can access comprehensive in-person, online, WhatsApp, and telephonic support that will provide quick and useful assistance should you have any training queries.

In-house support software

These support opportunities are powered by JG Electronics’ in-house support software, which is available to all clients, providing them with guidance and instructions on how to press various products.

The support software is also a central hub that provides all the tools you will need to find design templates, support videos, costings, and more.

It is updated automatically to reflect the latest instructions and templates for JG Electronics’ extensive range of products, meaning you always receive accurate data.

Top brands

JG Electronics stocks 20 different brands across all of its branches and offers the widest variety of sublimation consumables in the country.

It is the only company in South Africa that offers a 2-year warranty on both its Sawgrass sublimation printers and Muggit T-shirt and Cap press elements. JG Electronics also offers a fantastic range of exclusive products – such as Xylo paste and sublimer coated acrylic.

JG Electronics also sells an extensive range of sticker vinyls that are manufactured to JG Electronics’ preferred specifications.

All of these products are thoroughly tested and researched before being introduced to the South African market and should any product be defective or otherwise unsatisfactory, JG Electronics will provide replacements or a credit as per the customer’s choice.

Should you have any questions about their products or services, you can call the company’s centralised helpdesk for assistance.

Click here to learn more about JG Electronics’ range of products and services.

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Turn your hobby into a profitable business with JG Electronics